SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: Three-Year-Olds Might Become Eligible for Sex Changes at UK Clinic


The UK appears to be leading the way in exposing children to the tenets of gender theory.

Various schools have experimented with gender neutral toilets and dress codes under the guise to promote inclusivity or to reduce bullying.

Each time new programs are rolled out, parents and students have ferociously protested them.

Muslim parents, in particular, protested the addition of LGBT content to their children’s curricula.

Referrals to the NHS’ Tavistock and Portman clinic–which specializes in care for transgender children–have skyrocketed in the past few years; leading to a two-year waiting list.

Critics have questioned the upward shift in referrals; drawing attention to politically-motivated teachers, broken homes, and exposure to sexual behaviors at an early age.

Now, children who are uncertain whether their gender identity correlates to their sex could obtain doctor’s consultations on their condition via Skype.

The clinic may offer ‘telemedical’ appointments due to surging demand from children.

According to The Daily Mail:

Internal reports produced for the directors of the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), run by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, argue that without such radical changes the clinic could be forced to shut down due to an exodus of demoralised staff.

The plan for sex change by Skype comes as the clinic faces growing pressure from psychologists who say it uses untested drugs on troubled children and ‘rushes’ them towards becoming transgender.

Last year 2,590 children were referred to the clinic, a rise of more than 400 per cent since 2013, leading to a two-year waiting list.

Ten of the children were aged three or four and dozens more were of primary-school age. The treatment includes giving the children hormone-blocking drugs.

The GIDS reports, which have been seen by this newspaper, reveal that the clinic has started testing ‘some of the practicalities involved in identifying young people and families to be considered for treatment appointments delivered with telemedicine’.

It uses technology such as Skype and FaceTime to allow doctors to diagnose and prescribe treatment for patients hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Plenty of commentators have criticized medical practitioners, and parents of children of such an early age, for taking a child through such physically-demanding procedures.

Others have expressed concerns about the child’s ability to consent or decide whether their gender identity corresponds with their anatomy, given how they’re able to make such a life-altering decision in such a state of cognitive immaturity.

The treatment includes hormones, such as puberty blockers, which can damage the individual’s development.

PJ Media reports:

Puberty-blocking drugs are highly controversial and can lead to infertility and sterilization. A review of the scientific evidence for this procedure was done by Paul W. Hruz, Lawrence S. Mayer, and Paul R. McHugh and found that “the evidence for the safety and efficacy of puberty suppression is thin, based more on the subjective judgments of clinicians than on rigorous empirical evidence. It is, in this sense, still experimental — yet it is an experiment being conducted in an uncontrolled and unsystematic manner. In their detailed and meticulously-researched article, they raise troubling questions in regards to side-effects and consequences of using puberty-blocking drugs.

Though there is very little scientific evidence relating to the effects of puberty suppression on children with gender dysphoria — and there certainly have been no controlled clinical trials comparing the outcomes of puberty suppression to the outcomes of alternative therapeutic approaches — there are reasons to suspect that the treatments could have negative consequences for neurological development. Scientists at the University of Glasgow recently used puberty-suppressing treatments on sheep, and found that the spatial memory of male sheep was impaired by puberty suppression using GnRH analogues, [117] and that adult sheep that were treated with GnRH analogues near puberty continued to show signs of impaired spatial memory. [118]    

In the UK, a journalist was questioned by the police for mocking a transgender individual online by ‘maliciously’ using the wrong pronouns.

No dystopian novelist from the first-half of the 20th Century could’ve ever predicted 2019’s Britain in their wildest dream.