Somali Gang Rapist Launches Bid to Stay in UK After Leftists Stopped Original Deportation


A Somali gang rapist whose original deportation was stopped by white leftists, has launched another legal bid to stay in the UK.

Yaqub Ahmed, 31, a Somali national, dodged deportation in November 2018, after passengers on a Turkish Airways flight mutinied, and demanded he be let off the plane, not knowing he was a rapist. Video footage shows around a dozen passengers revolting against the authorities.

One British man in a blue shirt was heard saying, “he says they’re separating him from his family, his family’s here,” while another man told an official, “when he gets to Mogadishu, they’re going to kill him.”

Ahmed was eventually set free to applause from passengers. “You’re free man!” one passenger was heard telling him on the video, as he was frog-marched away by Home Office officials.

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Ahmed requested to be granted bail last week from the immigration detention centre where he is currently being held, but it was refused. Judge Adam Rhys-Davies said that was “he is a risk to the public and his continued detention is necessary.” He had previously claimed he was too depressed to be deported.

Chris Howells, representing the Home Office, told the immigration court hearing in Newport, Wales, that when Ahmed was let out of prison in 2016 on licence before his attempted deportation, he continued to hang out with his gang of Somali rapists, and trawled nightclubs looking for “young white women” to have sex with.

“He continued to engage in sex acts with young women. He represents a continued harm to young white females who are found in nightclubs, public houses and anywhere else where alcohol is available,” Howells said. He added that Ahmed showed a “very high risk” of absconding and was “highly likely” to rape again.

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Hannah (not her real name), who was gangraped by Ahmed and other Somali nationals in 2007 when she was just 16, told the Daily Mail last year that if those who stopped his deportation thought his fake screaming was bad, they should “try hearing the screams that [she] made” when he raped her:

How could you defend a rapist? How could you intervene? He was in handcuffs, he was being taken out of the country… who are you people to interfere with justice? Fair enough you didn’t know the situation, but now I hope you feel proud of yourselves because you stopped something that I have waited for for so long: something that made me feel that little bit safer… It’s the bleeding heart brigade. They see someone in handcuffs and they are assuming it’s an injustice. Those people should have realised it takes a lot to get someone deported, maybe we shouldn’t interfere. It was just people who wanted to do a good deed and feel proud of themselves. Well, I hope you all feel proud of yourselves.

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Hannah said that she now feels “hopeless” after her rapist skipped his deportation, and that her nightmare is never going to end. “They need to deport him,” she said. “How have they allowed this to happen? It’s an absolute farce. I thought there was meant to be victim’s rights. Where are my rights here?”