Somehow Vermin Supreme is Winning the Libertarian Party’s 2020 Presidential Primaries


While all eyes focus on Iowa for the Democratic Party’s first vote of the presidential race, with reporters questioning whether Joe Biden can beat Sen. Bernie Sanders, or whether Mayor Pete Buttigieg may pull off a surprise upset and come away as a tier one candidate, the Libertarian Party seems to have its own surprises.

Vermin Supreme currently leads the race.

After a poor 2016 performance from Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, rocked with such catastrophes as overweight male strippers and Johnson not knowing that Aleppo was a Syrian city then-occupied by the Islamic State, the Libertarian Party seems uniquely poised to gain momentum in 2020, with a seemingly unpopular – at least, according to the polls – incumbent, and a Democratic Party facing an internal debate over whether to embrace socialism or centrism.

However, the Libertarian Party appears to be embracing a new tradition of bucking mainstream politics altogether with the stellar performance by Vermin Supreme.

In a nonbinding presidential preference primary, New Hampshire voters chose Supreme over traditional candidates with normal names by a margin of nearly 10 per cent. As a result, Supreme now has a whopping four vote lead over Kim Ruff, who withdrew from the race in January.

This means Supreme actually has over a 20 per cent lead in the popular vote over his closest rival, Jo Jorgensen, who garnered a total of 17 votes.

Supreme himself now leads the popular vote with a total of 44 votes, more than twice his closest competition, potentially paving the way for President Supreme to take the Oval Office in 2021.

It should be noted that the New Hampshire Libertarian Party does not have ballot access in the state, and as a result, mailed ballots to prominent party members to garner these results.

The ballots also featured ranked choice voting, meaning that New Hampshire Libertarians were able to vote for more than one candidate.

National File should also note that all candidates below Jorgensen, including such prominent names as “Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman,” received less votes than “None of the above.”

Adam Kokesh, a former radio and TV host who was imprisoned after carrying a shotgun in Washington, D.C. to protest the city’s gun laws, also did not receive a single vote.

Supreme, of course, first gained great acclaim in the early 2010s when running for president as a Democrat.

It is unclear if Supreme’s promises that, under his presidency, every American will be given a free pony and undergo mandatory tooth brushing with government issued tooth paste, are in line with the Libertarian Party’s beliefs.