SOURCE: Secret Virginia Security Briefings Didn’t Mention Extremists or Violence


National File spoke to a source with Top Secret security clearance who learned that there were no extremist threats identified prior to the Lobby Day gun rights rally in Richmond, Virginia.

Despite Gov. Ralph Northam’s emergency declaration and The Washington Post’s unsubstantiated claim that there were credible threats in Virginia, a source has told National File that there were no extremist threats identified in Richmond, and that the Lobby Day rally never seemed likely to encounter violence.

“My contract security officer has a relationship with a government sponsor who sponsors my clearance,” said our source. “One of his roles is to go to the government and get any and all information to fully brief me if I happen to be traveling and request such a briefing.”

National File’s source explained he has “access to the NCTC and other classified threat briefings” as part of his job whenever he needs to travel to potentially dangerous areas. Specifically, our source holds Top Secret (TS) or Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) clearance.

“There was nothing in my classified threat briefing besides the fact that Northam had designated a state of emergency and that there would be an increase in traffic and increased police presence,” the source said.

“Northam was unable to detail any threat that rose to the level of being included in the threat assessment,” he said.

Additionally, our source explained that the extremists arrested in nearby Maryland had no connection to the gun rally, and no plans to travel to Virginia for the Richmond rally.

“The affidavits of the people arrested in Maryland had nothing to do with coming to Richmond,” said National File’s source. “Manufacturing automatic firearm and giving to a foreign national. The affidavits had nothing to do with Richmond, Virginia.”

“There was no security threat in the briefing my security officer gave me that indicated that there was a legitimate reason that I should not go to Richmond,” said our source. “He told me the briefing said there would be a lot of traffic, and a lot of cops.”

“There was no significant security threat.”

National File also spoke to a Washington Post reporter who was unable to explain how the publication independently verified the claims of a threat in Virginia, and instead pointed to Northam’s claims as well as an obscure blog.

The Washington Post previously published claims of credible threats of violence in Virginia.