SOURCE: Trump Was Tested for Deliberate Food Poisoning at Walter Reed Military Hospital


Infowars and Natural News reported that President Donald Trump was tested for deliberate food poisoning at Walter Reed Military Hospital over the weekend, and a D.C. source confirmed this information to National File.

President Trump was rushed to Walter Reed for an unannounced visit after the presidential food taster was suddenly stricken with symptoms of severe food poisoning, according to information provided to National File.

National File’s source could not confirm that deliberate food poisoning was used, however, a source speaking to Infowars confirmed that a “molecular byproduct of a potential toxin” was detected:

According to the White House connected source who spoke directly with Alex Jones, chemical testing confirmed the presence of a molecular byproduct of a potential toxin, although it is important to note that molecular byproducts can come from many different sources and it’s not always possible to determine the molecular structure of the original molecule from which the byproduct was derived.

The President is reportedly fine and did not experience the same symptoms that are reported to have overcome the food tester.

Our source confirmed that President Trump was given a clean bill of health.

National File’s source confirmed that in routine visits to Walter Reed, or any hospital, the White House gives advanced notice to the hospital, allowing staff to prepare for transportation and infrastructure shut downs that are necessary to protect the president.

At President Trump’s weekend visit, no such notice was given.

National File’s source confirms that there was legitimate fear about the president’s health following the food poisoning episode, and that potential threats from food poisoning are commonplace.

President Trump reportedly in 2018 that he frequently eats fast food, including McDonald’s, out of fear for food poisoning.

After reports broke initially claiming that President Trump went to the hospital after suffering from chest pain, the president tweeted that he “began phase one” of his yearly physical during the visit.

Two years ago, Infowars reported that anti-Trump operatives successfully poisoned Roger Stone, the former campaign advisor and years long personal friend and confidante of President Trump:

He says the poisoning was an attempt to stop him from testifying at a Congressional Hearing where he claimed he could prove the accusation was a lie.

‘I believe I was poisoned to stop me from exposing the Russian Hacking LIE b4 the Congressional Investigation,’ Stone, 64, told his Twitter followers.

Appearing on fellow Trump loyalist Alex Jones’s Info Wars earlier, he said he was targeted by the ‘deep state’ who wanted to stop him from revealing the truth.

Stone, who is 67, was found guilty of lying to Congress and witness tampering last week, and faces as long as 20 years in prison.