South Korean Coronavirus Outbreak Linked to Gay Nightclubs


A second round coronavirus outbreak in South Korea has been linked to unsanitary conduct at gay clubs, according to a report by The Advocate.

The reports claims that an undiagnosed man unknowingly spread the virus after going out to several gay bars and nightclubs in Itaewon, a cosmopolitan district of Seoul associated with the LGBTQ community.

In doing so, this individual exposed 1,500 people to the coronavirus, with 14 of them already diagnosed positive and numbers expected to rise in the coming days.

After South Korean officials and media pointed out that this individual had visited gay clubs, left-wing “human rights” organizations were furious.

“Revealing detailed personal information such as age, residence and occupation leads to outing the individual and promoting prejudice and hatred against sexual minorities,” the human rights groups said in a statement published by the Korea Herald.

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Over 3,000 club-goers at the venues the individual visited were unable to be contacted by authorities, leading to difficulties in contact tracing. Many have speculated this is due to the homosexuals not wanting anyone, not even public health authorities, to know about their personal perversions.

“When there’s no stigmatizing and hatred toward patients who are also victims of the virus, people will step forward, get tested and eventually be able to keep others safe,” said LGBTQ activist Heezy Yang, clearly prioritizing homosexuals’ personal lives over the public interest of stopping the spread of coronavirus.

South Korea has relatively conservative social attitudes towards homosexuality. All citizens aged 18-28 are required to participate in 1.5-2 years of compulsory military service, during which homosexuality is illegal. Unlike most of the West, same-sex unions of any kind are not recognized by the state, and there are no openly gay politicians.

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Understandably, there was a significant backlash to the news of this second outbreak by the South Korean people, which has been described by the international liberal media as “homophobic”.

South Korea’s left-leaning government distanced itself from the people’s anger, and blamed their traditional social attitudes for the lack of cooperation by the LGBTQ community.

“At least under the viewpoint of quarantine, denunciation of a certain community isn”t helpful,” said Prime Minister Chung Sye-Kyun.

“If contacts avoid diagnostic tests in fear of criticism, our society has to shoulder its entire consequences.”