Southern Baptist Leader J.D. Greear Caves On Transgenderism as Marxist-Oriented ‘Critical Theory’ Takes Hold


A powerful Conservative Pastor of The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina, and the 62nd President of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) appears to be moving conservative congregants leftward politically with the introduction of social justice ideology.

James David “J.D.” Greear, using his position of authority, shook the Christian community this month with his notion of “Pronoun Hospitality” when in a recent podcast he discussed transgenderism and insisted that people do what the transgender movement wants Christians to do by dropping Biblical teaching on gender and dropping conservative affirmations on gender that he himself has before claimed to uphold.

Greear, in a discussion on how to address a person who identifies as transgender, said that when one is using pronouns he or she, there is “no right or wrong answer,” and that people should show a “generosity of spirit” with respect to the pronoun preferences of those who wish to operate outside the classification of scientific sex identification.

Many have interpreted his stance as a call to submit to demands of the trans community.

Greear’s latest controversial comments come at a time when the Southern Baptist Convention finds itself embroiled in a battle with Critical Theory proponents on numerous fronts.

Greear, a native of North Carolina, appears to be aligning with Critical Theory proponents, and is moving the entire Southern Baptist Convention to the left on numerous pro-Democrat topics.

Greear is navigating his public lurch toward Critical Theory, which is grounded in atheism and Marxism, even though he agreed to the Conservative affirmation of Biblical teaching called the  Nashville Statement, that affirms belief in traditional Christian sexual ethics.

In contrast,  Pastor Thomas Littleton, a street evangelist of 33 years,” has been active in missions with numerous groups of people, including ministering to homeless AIDS patients.  Littleton, who has grave concerns about the erosion of strong Biblical teachings, discussed his beliefs about the leftward shift of the church in general, with National File.

“There are many unethical people getting involved in these movements in the church, it seems to come from a love of money and there is a problem with non-profit groups making the Church the hub of making money off of social justice,” Littleton told National File. “We don’t need these large groups and their finances to serve the people in ministry.”

Numerous other Christian pundits, journalists, and authors have expressed grave concern over what many hold to be non-biblical teachings on the topics of Transgenderism, Homosexuality, Socialism and Communism.

In addition to the clear theological and doctrinal concerns conservative church leaders have voiced, there is also great concern that the left’s infiltration of traditionally conservative Christian churches could represent the suppression of a large base of voters as the well-organized left seeks to inject social justice issues that  traditionally serve as platform planks for the Democrat Party.

The Southern Baptist Convention membership in 2018 was 14,813,234, according to official sources. The group is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, and the second-largest Christian denomination in the United States, smaller only than the Catholic Church according to self-reported membership statistics.

Southern Baptist congregations, because of their number, have emerged as a prime target of the powerful and ever-growing movement of Cultural Marxism in American institutions and politics.

Cultural Marxism is a non-Christian theology, based on the tactics of Karl Marx which he laid out in the Communist Manifesto where he encourages the use of Chinese Communist tactics to influence people by infiltrating churches with what looks like liberation theology but is in reality directing people to support an oppressive centralized power and authority in the government.

The theology of Christianity holds that acceptance of Christ and faith in Jesus Christ as the highest authority represents freedom from bondage.

The result of the infiltration of Critical Theory into Christian denominations has set the stage for a clear conflict in the American church and numerous Christians now advocating for empowering an ever growing federal government.

Transgenderism is a newly formed concept being exploited by a powerful left political movement, meant to force people into a mindset that truth of biological gender is relative to what people want at the time.

Greear’s soft stance on transgenderism comes at a time when the SBC is seen as sowing the seeds of other pro-Communist movements and tactics such as race and female domination called “intersectionality”, which was discussed and agreed to at a recent SBC convention.

Littleton is an outspoken opponent of Greear’s, leading a network of concerned pastors, students, congregants and professors.

A typical complaint by opponents of Greear is that Christian Pastors are not the authoritative word of God, and that the Bible is.

Greear has garnered no small amount of outspoken opposition among adherents to conservative, or more orthodox strains, of Christianity.

The allies of Critical Theory in the mainstream press such as Huffington Post and other pro-Democrat publications routinely fail to cover opposition to Greear.

In fact, some have argued leftist attacks on Greear could be the root case of his lurch to the left.

In 2014, liberals attacked Greear because he attempted to compare homosexuality to slavery.

The result was wide condemnation from the left.

National File contacted JD Greear at the Summit Church numerous times to ask for a statement on his position on sin and transgenderism. Those calls were not returned.