Star Actor From ‘The Karate Kid’ Refutes Claims That The Film Was ‘Too White’


Last Updated on October 24, 2022

The star of the 1984 film The Karate Kid has defended the movie despite woke critics alleging it was “too white.”

Ralph Macchio, who played the character of Daniel LaRusso, rejected any such criticism and asserted The Karate Kid was actually “ahead of its time.”

“People have said it’s a very white cast, that it didn’t dive into the Asian story. But I always say this: The film was ahead of its time because it was a popcorn movie that talked about Japanese internment camps during World War II,” the 60-year-old actor told Stellar Magazine.

Macchio referenced a scene in which Mr. Miyagi, LaRusso’s mentor, discussed how his wife and son died in the internment camps.

A heartbroken Miyagi revealed to LaRusso how he was despairing while reflecting on his wife and son’s death on its anniversary.


“Pat himself spent two years in the camps. So it had double meaning and some depth,” Macchio said.

Noriyuki “Pat” Morika, who played Mr. Miyagi’s character, eventually earned a Academy Award nomination because of the powerful scene.

Macchio appeared in two sequels of Karate Kid and currently plays an adult-aged LeRusso in the popular Cobra Kai Netflix show.

In recent weeks, woke critics have targeted popular movies and even cartoons with angry, progressive remarks.

However, it seems woke media content does not perform as well as social justice warriors suggest.

As National File previously reported: DC Comics announced last week it would be canceling a Superman series full of Leftist propaganda.

DC, the publisher of both Batman and Superman comics, had created a Superman series in which the main character is a bisexual man and climate change activist. The series was canceled due to poor sales reports.

In the series, the protagonist is a 17-year-old, Jon Kent. Jon is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Jon’s story is filled with controversial political and social topics like homosexuality, climate change, school shootings, and illegal immigration.

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