Steven Crowder Slams Student Loan Forgiveness, But Had $70k of his Own Debt Forgiven by the Feds


Last Updated on August 27, 2022

“Louder With Crowder” host Steven Crowder took to Twitter to mock supporters of student loan forgiveness, but according to PPP loan documents, Louder With Crowder LLC received a $70,445 federally-funded loan in 2020, and had it completely forgiven. On the contrary, fellow conservative commentator Charlie Kirk offered a pragmatic solution to paying down the crippling loans that 17 and 18-year-olds are goaded into signing, suggesting that the very colleges that fail to prepare their students for the real world should have their multi-billion dollar endowments seized to cover the costs.

“Student loan forgiveness sounds really nice to illegal immigrants, people with no life experience, people who don’t have families yet, and people who use preferred pronouns,” Crowder tweeted. The post came after Joe Biden announced that his administration would move to forgive the federal student loan debt of millions of borrowers, most of whom will see their debt cut by $10,000.

Interestingly enough, despite his vocal opposition to the reduction of student loan debt, according to federal loan documents, Steven Crowder’s Louder With Crowder LLC received a more than $70,000 loan from the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program during COVID and had it entirely forgiven.

The Paycheck Protection Program, known as PPP, was meant to protect small businesses during COVID shutdowns and insure that they could pay their employees amidst a historic decrease in commerce. As many detractors pointed out beneath his anti-loan forgiveness tweet, Crowder’s show continued to air throughout the COVID shutdowns, as small brick-and-mortar businesses closed down at a never-before-seen rate, raising the question of exactly which paychecks Crowder was protecting with the taxpayer-funded freebies.

In contrast to Crowder’s tweet, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk offered a more pragmatic solution to liberate young Americans from a life of serfdom at the hands of big banks, big government, and the left-wing education system that failed them.

Instead of ripping off the taxpayers, who have already funded countless failed government programs, Kirk proposes holding colleges and universities themselves accountable.

“Harvard is sitting on top of a $54 BILLION hedge fund they call an “Endowment” that they pay zero taxes on,” tweeted Kirk. “Yale has $31 Billion. Stanford $29 Billion. Princeton $26 Billion. ‘Elite’ Schools sit on a goldmine but the Middle Class will foot the bill for Student Loan Forgiveness.”

The sentiments expressed in Kirk’s tweet are picking up steam with America First conservatives and populists who have pegged the student loan industry as an anti-family scam that has stifled the economic growth of millions of young people and dashed their dreams of starting a family and purchasing a home.

Since the advent of federal student loans, young Americans have been told that college is the only way to break into or remain in the middle class, and the only way to find gainful and meaningful employment. They’ve been pushed by virtually all of mainstream society to attend a four-year university at all costs. No matter what they choose to study, young people are told, they’ll be superior to and richer than their high school peers who forego college for trade school, the military, or the workforce.

All the while, the self-perpetuating system of academia takes on no risk and schools have raised the price of tuition on a yearly basis, emboldened by the massive federally-sponsored student loan industry. Colleges don’t lose money if their students flunk out, they simply accept more students to take their place and to pay the school with more loan money.

Charlie Kirk doubled down on the populist theme of his solution for student debt in a subsequent tweet, once again setting his sights on the schools that get paid whether they actually prepare their students for the real world or not.

“Seize the Endowments. Make the colleges pay,” he wrote.

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