STEW PETERS: America Hates ‘Installed’ Biden Regime, Joe Is A ‘Puppet In Severe Cognitive Decline’


Talk show host Stew Peters delivered a monologue explaining his view of why the Biden regime’s approval ratings are tanking on the latest broadcast of the Stew Peters Show.

Joe Biden and his regime are currently facing shocking low approval ratings amid varying crises ranging from authoritarian federal vaccine mandates, Afghanistan, Big Tech censorship, among others. Talk show host Stew Peters explained the true reasons why Joe Biden has a 53% disapproval rating, according to the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

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“Biden turned the necessary [Afghanistan] withdrawal into an unnecessary calamity and national humiliation on the world stage. How about his COVID policies? Well, started with insane mask mandates, including for schoolchildren by the way, at zero risk. And now he’s moved on to a completely unconstitutional vaccine mandate,” Peters said. “His tech policy; to silence any objection to the installed regime’s dictatorial policies, or by the way, any questions about the 2020 election, and then in turn let Google and Facebook run amuck, to control your life, to control what you see, what you hear, what you read, and how you think.”

“His border plan? To have no plan and no border. His education plan summed up is quite simple: critical race theory. So is his infrastructure plan. Seriously, Biden’s plan to fix racism includes tearing up highways in New Orleans and Syracuse, New York that his administration says were racist when they were built,” Peters said. “Biden’s plan for the military? Well, that’s all CRT too. Why fight foreign enemies when you can study white rage and declare that the greatest enemy of America is patriots who signed up to die and make the ultimate sacrifice, right here in this country?”

Peters called Biden a “puppet in severe cognitive decline,” noting that he is a “disaster,” but Americans should be more focused on the individuals under him who “make the real decisions.” Peters’ full show is available on Red Voice Media.