Student Group Charges Canadian Broadcasting Corporation With Anti-White ‘Hate Speech’


A student group has charged the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) with “hate speech” after an article published by the state-run outlet claimed “all white people are racist.”

Students for Western Civilisation posted a YouTube video saying that they were “charging the CBC with hate speech.”

In the video, the narrator explains that the comment “all white people are racist” is “a clear example of hate speech as defined by the Canadian criminal code.”

He continues: “the code defines hate speech as communicating statements in any public place which incites or promotes hatred towards an identifiable group.”

“The Supreme Court has clarified that hatred in this context refers to an emotion associated with vilification and detestation.”

The narrator goes onto explain who those accused of ‘racism’–a term loosely thrown around to denigrate anybody who espouses politically incorrect views of any gradation or nature–are the most ‘vilified’ members of society.

The student group also complained to the CBC ombudsman who dismissed their complaint.

On the blog’s page, the student group published:

The CBC Ombudsman recently responded to a complaint about the article, exonerating the CBC almost entirely vis-à-vis its own journalistic standards. In response to the reasons proffered for the exoneration, it must be pointed out that hate speech is generally not made neutral or palatable, for instance, by the speaker’s claim that he or she is offering a mere opinion or unique perspective. This includes situations where the speaker claims that certain statements and words were based on self-righteous, justifiable anger or were simply not intended to offend or vilify (especially when the speaker uses them outside their commonly understood, dictionary meaning and fails to acknowledge as much).

The group has filed a charge with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police against the CBC for the inflammatory article. According to an excerpt from a lengthy blog post explaining the charge:


  • I, George Hutcheson, have submitted a request to police to investigate statements published by the CBC. The statements, originally authored by Ms. Sandra Inutiq in her February 17, 2019 op-ed “Dear Qallunaat (white people)” (“the article”), I feel, have likely breached section 319(2) of the Criminal Code by amounting to a willful promotion of hatred against European Canadians.


  • The criminal complaint is against the author of the article, Sandra Inutiq. It is believed she is a resident of Iqaluit, Nunavut.

  • I am the sole petitioner and am based in Toronto, Ontario. I am an advocate for intellectual diversity in academia and the political interests of European Canadians. Separately, I manage an organization called Students for Western Civilisation.

  • The complaint has been filed with the RCMP.

The charge also tackles the “Wilful Promotion of Hatred” allegedly published within the CBC article, citing legal precedents for the existence of hatred within the charge.

“A Partial Summary of the CBC’s Published Statements which Promote Hatred, Vilification and Detestation” is given to add weight to the filed charge, including:

  1. “Attacks on European Canadians’ Self-Worth and Dignity; Claims of their Moral Inferiority, etc.”
  2. “Conspiratorial-Sounding Claims of European Canadians as an Oppressive and Powerful Menace in Canadian Society, etc.”

It continues by adding a summary of “The CBC’s Statements Create an Atmosphere of Hatred and Potential Violence against European Canadians.”

In the past, the CBC was accused of anti-white racism in 2013 after a job posting requested “any race except Caucasian” for the role.

The article in question is a piece called “Dear Qallunaat (white people),” with the sub-heading, “Recognize and admit your power and privilege and the fact you are benefiting from racist systems,” which offers 21 solutions as to how white people can better themselves in First Nations’ spaces.

Within the piece, it is claimed “Reverse racism or racism against white people does not exist,” “[white people] cannot be the one to judge whether an act is racist, culturally insensitive or appropriate,” and, most importantly, “all white people are racist.”

The final point–“all white people are racist”–is what inspired the student group to take action against the CBC.

The media ostensibly became brazen about a possible anti-white stance, bashing white people on a regular basis, around 2012.

The CBC isn’t the only broadcaster to be accused of anti-white racism, as the BBC–on more than one occasion–has bemoaned the number of white people at certain events, as well as published articles painting white people in a negative light.

According to the student group’s Facebook page:

The goals of Students for Western Civilisation

1. To genuinely explore ethnic and cultural politics in a forum which does not exclude rightist or conservative perspectives.

2. To organize for and advance the interests of Western peoples.

3. To promote and celebrate Western Civilisation.