Student Receives Bad Grade Because Professor Says Hong Kong Activists Are ‘Radicals’


An American college student posted photos of a paper she wrote to Twitter, revealing that she received corrections from her professor stating that the Hong Kong pro-independence protesters are “radicals” and not “pro-independence activists.”

Olivia Rondeau, who identifies herself as a campus conservative, wrote “Got a B- on my paper on Hong Kong and my prof corrected ‘pro independence activists’ to ‘radicals.’”

She added, “Worst grade I’ve gotten in the class so far.”

After Twitter users expressed incredulity, Rondeau followed up with an assurance that the photo was real, and another photo to back it up.

“I wish I was joking,” wrote Rondeau. “I actually like this class/professor usually but I’m taken aback by this.”

She continued, “He also underlined the phrases ‘independent’ and ‘freedom protestors’ like those are somehow not applicable.”

The professor also added question marks under the terms, suggesting they did not understand the use of the terms.

National File attempted to contact Rondeau for comment and did not receive an immediate response.

The pro-freedom Hong Kong protesters have been actively disobeying the Communist Chinese government for nearly six months now, and have received widespread international support, including from President Donald Trump and both branches of Congress.

After months of sustained attacks from the Chinese government, the protesters have taken to the streets using disguises to avoid the Chinese video surveillance infrastructure.

National File reported:

The pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters are continuing their newest method to avoid capture: a plethora of creative masks.

Lasers were also used to scramble the facial recognition software by some of the Hong Kong protesters.

Earlier this month, China banned the use of masks by protesters.

As a result, masks mocking the regime or personalities involving the protests on a global scale have been used.

Previously, the protesters also used green face paint to hide their identity using the “Pepe the Frog” meme, in what one Hong Kong protester told National File was called “camoufrog” paint.

The protesters have been largely people, at one pointing taking to the streets to sing Christian hymns.