SWEDEN: Bombings Increased 60% in 2019, Plus Rise in Rape, Robberies


Sweden recorded a spike in bombings in 2019, which has been related to a steady upswing in gang crimes.

According to Reuters, Swedish government figures showed that drug-connected gang-violence led to a 60% increase in bomb blasts in 2019.

Police have been working tirelessly to cut down crimes linked to drugs and gangs.

Violent and sexual crimes have risen significantly in Sweden since relaxing their immigration policies–especially after the 2015 Migrant Crisis.

Sweden was once recognized as one of the safest countries of the world, boasting a generous welfare state which continues to be the progressive envy of the world.

A tweet from pundit, Peter Sweden, real name Peter Imanuelsen, also illustrates the extent to which gang-linked crime has taken hold in Swedish cities.

Imanuelsen details a “MASSIVE INCREASE in serious crimes in 2019” before listing certain offenses. He says that the following crimes increased: “Rapes: – 8350 reported rapes – 6% increase from year before Bombings: – 257 explosions – 60% increase from year before Robberies against children: – 2480 children robbed – 31% increase from year before. This is bad.”

Reuters also corroborates a 90% increase in bombings in 2019, where recorded bomb blasts jumped from 162 in the previous year to 257.

The government agency releasing the stats did not confirm what type of explosives were detonated in the blasts.

Due to the upsurge in violent crime, the public has called for further government intervention and funding in policing to bring down the growing figures.

In an email statement to Reuters, Minister for Home Affairs Mikael Damberg said: “The government has provided extra resources and the police are taking concerted measures now against gang violence.

“With the efforts we are making, I am convinced that we can turn this around. Society is stronger than these criminal gangs.”

Opposition members have blamed the government for years of inactivity for the hike in violent offenses.

However, the rise in violent and sexual crimes in Sweden coincides with a rise in mass immigration.

Swedes are often prosecuted by the authorities for pointing out politically incorrect conclusions as to why their safety has been jeopardized.

Swedes are sometimes handed heavier sentences that sex criminals for making politically incorrect remarks on social media.