SWEDEN: Father Fined for Yelling at Bullies Throwing Rocks at His Son


A father who confronted a gang of bullies throwing rocks at his son at a skateboard park has been hit with a hefty fine after causing emotional distress to the boys.

In April, earlier this year, the father’s boy was at a skateboard park in Hallstavik outside Norrtälje, to north of Stockholm, when the incident occurred.

When the boy was being abused by the gang, he called his father over.

The boy’s father began scolding the gang, grabbing one of the bullies and pinning him against the ramp, urging him to never throw rocks at his son again.

The father threatened to knock the bullies’ teeth out if they persisted with the rock throwing.

According to Samnytt, a local source:

The father was indicted in Norrtälje district court for minor abuse, illegal threats and fraudulent charges, which he has denied during the police investigation. Instead, the father claims he grabbed hold of one of the youngsters’ sweaters while demanding that they never again throw stones.

The Norrtälje district court charged the man with abusing a minor, illegal threats, and ‘fraud.’

However, the charges for abusing a minor and illegal threats were dropped as the prosecutor was unable to present the court with witnesses or substantial evidence.

Samnytt continues:

On the other hand, he is convicted of trespassing because the court believes that it must have been a scary experience for the youngster to be exposed to the father’s scolding. The father must pay 60 daily fines of SEK 330, ie SEK 19,800 ($2120 USD) in fines. Furthermore, he will also pay SEK 5000 ($540 USD) in damages to the youngster.

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