SWEDEN: Man Who Beat Armed Robber Arrested


A man who defended his home from an armed intruder, who pointed a gun at his child, has been arrested after the intruder sustained serious head injuries.

In Malmö, an armed man entered an apartment, held the apartment owner’s 7-year-old son, putting a gun in his mouth.

The apartment owner overpowered the armed intruder, flipping and beating him so hard, the intruder sustained serious head injuries.

As a result, the apartment owner was arrested and held in custody.

Local reports have failed to name the 45-year-old apartment owner.

According to a rough translation of the events:

…The intruder had been surprised by the family living in the apartment – and then passed on a child of the family who is 7 years of age.

“The armed man then grabbed the child and stuffed his gun into the child’s mouth,” a source said.

An older relative of the child managed to tear the child away from the intruder, police say.

– He threatened a small child and when Grandma comes and sees this she screams and shrugs the child. When she screams, the apartment owner came rushing and then there was a fight between him and the attacker, says Eva-Gun Westford, police spokesperson in Malmö.

Following the incident that occurred last Wednesday night, the intruder was taken to hospital under police supervision.

Eva-Gun Westford, police spokesperon in Malmö, did confirm that both the intruder and apartment owner have been arrested, and an investigation into the incident has been launched.

The apartment owner was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and the intruder was arrested on suspicion of grossly unlawful threats, two cases of abuse and drug offenses.

The intruder was also suspected of a firearm offense–but the investigation was shut down after his weapon turned out to be an airgun, according to local police.

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