SWEDEN: Migrant Who Molested Child Over 100 Times has Deportation Blocked


A Swedish court has overturned a decision to deport a child rapist migrant because they had lived in the Nordic country for over two decades.

The unnamed migrant man was accused and convicted of raping a child over 100 times in a three-year long spell. Consequently, he was sentenced to 12 years behind bars for repeatedly abusing the child, who was 10 when the abuse began.

Despite a court of appeals recognizing the extent and severity of the man’s crime, his initial deportation was reversed as it allegedly failed to meet the requirements of exceptional reasons to deport him, according to Breitbart News.

Although prosecutors will be seeking to deport the man following the overturned ruling; the public prosecutor’s office determined that the man had lived in Sweden for 22 years, making him ineligible for deportation.

Breitbart reported on two other similar cases from Sweden where migrants were to evade deportation in connection to rape convictions.

Sweden has a record for their lenient criminal justice system when prosecuting crimes of a certain nature, as several migrant criminals sidestep deportation for a number of reasons ranging from Human Rights abuses to having resided in the Scandinavian country for an extended period of time.

National File reported on a similar story earlier this year where a serial sexual abuser from Africa could not be deported because he had come to Sweden as a child refugee.

A Burundian man, who has been convicted of multiple sexual assault cases in Sweden, has had his deportation blocked because he entered the country as a child refugee.

Bashiri Sahabu, 29, has been accused and convicted of a string of eight depraved sexual assaults, including rape.

Sahabu came to Sweden via Tanzania, a neighboring country to Burundi, in 2005 as a 15-year-old child refugee.

Since he arrived as a minor–a child refugee–he cannot be deported despite the number of his convictions or severity of his crimes, despite the prosecutor’s intentions to deport the convicted sex offender, according to Fria Tider.

Furthermore, Sahabu doesn’t have Swedish citizenship, is not married, and has no family members in Sweden. Regardless, as Sahabu entered Sweden as a minor, he is reportedly not eligible for deportation.