SWEDEN: Migrants Beat, Rob, Urinate in Boy’s Face


A viral video from Sweden has emerged showing migrants beat, rob, and urinate on a boy while ordering him to open his mouth.

Sweden has faced tremendous difficulties assimilating a large migrant population in the past, with upticks in sexual assault cases, rapes, murders, gang-related crimes, violent crimes, explosions, gun crimes, fraud, and social welfare consumption.

In the video, the boy who is beaten is insulted; and his attackers talk about extracting money off him.

One migrant says “let me p**s on him,” while the other steps back from beating the boy.

While the migrant filming the assault urinates on the boy, he orders him to open his mouth.

The most recent video has been described as follows in a viral tweet:

“Immigrant gang assault & then urinate on a Swedish kid. Remember no go zones don’t exist, there are no issues arising from immigration, multiculturalism is a strength & we now have a safer & more united society after 2 decades of open borders. This is unfortunately just beginning”

WARNING: Video contains graphic material that may be unsettling to some readers.

In spite of several attacks and crimes committed towards native Swedes by men of migrant backgrounds, the Swedish government has worked tirelessly to clamp down on hate speech.

Fines have been issued to social media users who’ve spoken out against the disproportionate rates of crime committed by migrants.

A person was even handed a fine for comments he didn’t make.

In some instances, fighting back against crime has seen the victim arrested and charged.

A woman who stabbed her rapist was charged with attempted murder.

A man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault for beating up a man who broke into his house with a gun and held it to his son’s mouth.