Swedish Ad Lacking Diversity Accused of Nazism


A small municipality of a South Swedish town has whipped up a frenzy following the use of an advert which failed to star any migrants.

The advert added insult to injury by advertising the town as a place where Swedes could come to “live and prosper.”

Staffanstorp Municipality in Skåne County, near Lund and Malmo, provoked much controversy and mainstream media attention following their politically incorrect advertisement.

According to Sputnik News:

The film opens with a black and white scene from a dingy city full of graffiti, where some rowdy youngsters are seen harassing a mother and her daughter. The family then proceeds to move to Staffanstorp, where colour returns, and they get a new lease on life.

“Dreaming of improvement and striving for a better life is nothing but a sign of health”, the narrator says. “There are municipalities where security, elderly care, schools, and businesses really work. Where the inhabitants are proud of their municipality”, the narrator continues, adding “We welcome you with all our heart”.

The ad ends end with a slogan: “Staffanstorp, as the rest of Sweden should be”.

Sputnik News goes onto report that the tiny municipality had a previously anti-immigration stance, following the aftermath of North and West Europe’s migrant crisis–in which Sweden had been tremendously affected.

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Sputnik News continued:

Moa Berglöf, former speech-writer for the Moderates’ former party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt and now an opinion writer for the newspaper Sydsvenskan, linked the film to a recent outbreak of violence in Malmö, when an immigrant teenager was shot, and called it “the most cruel thing” she has seen in a long time.

“So while Malmö is in mourning, the Municipality of Staffanstorp is looking to put up a commercial that … I don’t even know. This is the most cruel thing move I have seen in a long time”, Berglöf tweeted.

Berglof went onto make Nazi references about Staffanstorp for their advert.

Those critical of the advert drew attention to the lack of diversity at the municipality.

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The municipality ‘strongman,’ Christian Sonesson, hit back saying: “People read too much. We do not register ethnicity, we do not think about what skin colour people should have when we make advertisements.”

Sonesson continued: “What is strange is that a family looking for security can irk opinion journalists to a degree when they pay more attention to the film than real, tragic events that happen.”

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