Swedish Voters Reject Open Borders and Cultural Marxism, Left-Wing PM Resigns After Historic Elections


Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Swedish voters made history this week as they rejected the open borders cultural marxism that has plagued their country for decades, giving their socialist Prime Minister and her left-wing government the boot. The historic victory marks a seismic shift in Swedish politics and the meteoric rise of the populist Sweden Democrats, who have been dubbed by many as the Swedish version of MAGA.

Sweden’s votes were cast on Sunday and election results have been hammered out over the past couple of days. Though there were concerns that the left could compromise outstanding mail-in and ex-pat votes, a “blue bloc” coalition of right-leaning parties, led by the populist Sweden Democrats, has officially triumphed.

Cementing the election results, Social Democratic Party Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has resigned and admitted defeat, as is customary under the nation’s parliamentary system. Before she resigned, Andersson reportedly made a last-ditch, futile effort to remain in power as she tried to broker a coalition government with the center-right Moderate Party and pull them out of league with the Sweden Democrats.

Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson rejected her offer, telling the press that “the Moderates and the other parties on my side have received the mandate of change,” from Swedish voters.

On her way out the door, much like the American left with Trump, Andersson claimed that she expects violence from the Sweden Democrats, the one political party that has been vocally opposed to the string of violence across Sweden and Europe brought on by their wide-open borders and appeasement policies towards radical Islamic migrants.

For decades, Sweden has been at the top of Europe’s globalist left-wing political structure and has opened its borders to scores of fighting-age, third-world Islamic migrants. When the current European migration crisis began to make international headlines around 2014, Sweden had already taken in hundreds of thousands of migrants in the years prior.

As a result, the nation has been plagued by an unprecedented uptick in violence and terrorism, the formation of “no-go zones,” and the mass rape of Swedish women. Much like in the US, Swedish and overall Western culture, including Christianity, has been demonized by the state.

Behind the historic victory for the Sweden Democrats was a platform of border security plus law and order.

Although the Sweden Democrats won a plurality of seats in the nation’s Riksdag parliament when compared to their fellow blue bloc members, they are not guaranteed the office of Prime Minister, or any other senior-ranking post in government, because they don’t hold an outright majority.

Under their nation’s parliamentary system, they’ll have to work in coalition with their fellow blue bloc parties to form a government. Because the Prime Minister is directly elected by the Riksdag, Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson is expected to garner more support for the post than Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson.

On Wednesday’s airing of Steve Bannon’s War Room, investigative journalist Matthew Tyrmand, who is on the ground in Sweden, suggested the Sweden Democrats pursue the posts of Foreign Minister and Interior Minister -the two government posts that control the nation’s borders.

Due to unfettered third-world migration, “the country is an absolute mess,” Tyrmand reported. “Every police officer I spoke to in six days in Stockholm told me the exact same thing; this is untenable, their daughters are at risk, and they all voted for the Swedish Dems.”

“The right is now in control of one of the capitals of European leftism,” Tyrmand said. “And that is a sea change.”