TATTLETALES: Failing Liberal Comedians Beg YouTube, Twitter To Censor Their Competition


Multiple left-wing media personalities have begun tagging the Twitter accounts of social media platforms and begging them to take action against In Real Life (IRL) livestreamer Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet, whose livestreams have garnered significant attention and positive feedback in recent weeks.

A clip of Gionet, who holds America First conservative political views, telling employees enforcing mask regulations to “shut the f**k up” drew the ire of left-wing self-described comedians Vic Berger and Tim Heidecker on Monday.

Berger, whose claim to fame is making “Drumpf bad” video edits on social media, appeared to advocate for violence against Baked Alaska, stating “How has this loser not had the s**t beaten out of him? How does he still have teeth?”

Ironically, after appearing to violate Twitter’s guidelines on advocating and glorifying violence, Berger then tagged the Twitter Support account in an effort to have the platform take action against Baked Alaska. National File could not find any tweets by Baked Alaska or other accounts villified by Berger that violated Twitter’s rules.

“Unite The Right headliner and white supremacist grifter Baked Alaska is back on @YouTube @YouTubeCreators harassing people at their work because they’re wearing a mask. How has this loser not had the s**t beaten out of him? How does he still have teeth?” Berger seethed.

Berger also made the completely false claim that liberal political commentator Tim Pool is a “crpto-fascist” before lying about The Red Elephants’ Vincent James, calling him a “neo-nazi.”

Berger’s tweet was later retweeted by comedian Tim Heidecker, who said, “hey @YouTube why does Baked Alaska have an account with you? he goes around and harasses working people youtube.com/user/iambakedalaska.”

The cries by Heidecker and Berger for corporate censorship of Baked Alaska are made all the more interesting by the fact that Baked Alaska is a direct competitor of theirs on the platform YouTube.com.

Despite the fact that Heidecker’s YouTube account is more than twice the size of Baked Alaska’s, the latter channel routinely pulls twice to ten times as many views as Heidecker’s, despite only actively posting livestreams for a few short weeks.

Heidecker has previously been embroiled in deplatforming controversies, most notably Adult Swim’s cancellation of hit comedy series “Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace” in 2016.

Many fans of World Peace claimed that Heidecker, a juggernaut content creator on Adult Swim, lobbied for the show’s cancellation because he disagreed with the political beliefs of MDE’s Sam Hyde. Heidecker vehemently denied these claims.

Heidecker frequently espouses far-left talking points on his Twitter account, despite describing himself as a moderate in a conversation with Hyde regarding the cancellation of World Peace.