TEACHER: ‘Boys Need to be Castrated at Birth’


According to a local Spanish publication based in The Canary Islands, Canarias7, Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) councilor for Puerto del Rosario town hall, Aurelia Vera, told her classroom that “boys need to be castrated at birth.”

In one of her classes, the Spanish language teacher and local councilor said to her classroom full of male teenagers aged 14-16,“if they cut your penises off, nothing will happen to you.”

She continued, “in order to prevent men from governing and hand over the power to us women–will you do it voluntarily? No. We’ve got to dabble in selective castration.”

Vera explains “if you cut your son’s balls off at birth, not only won’t they be able to have children, but they won’t go through a series of hormonal changes, giving them physical strength. The gonads is where they derive strength. The other thing is that their voices remain childlike.”

She went on to recognize the difficulty in implementing such a permanent policy and that it would be met by staunch resistance if attempted on adult males–given the male physical and emotional attachment to their reproductive organs.

Vera added that they would use ‘science’ to select whose gonads would go ‘unpruned’–implying a weird eugenics program based on men who would be sufficiently woke enough, a priori, to make the cut and save their manhood.

As castration, under her desired scheme, would occur at birth; Vera argued that men would be content as eunuchs since they would be unaware of sexual desires and, therefore, wouldn’t ‘miss them.’

Vera has defended her statement, suggesting that it was taken out of context after the publication OK Diario posted the footage on their site.

In the fallout of the original footage, Vera had to defend her remarks in front of a tribunal.