Teacher Investigated for Tweeting He Hoped Rush Limbaugh Dies Quickly


A Milwaukee teacher was placed on leave for tweeting his wishes for ill radio host, Rush Limbaugh, to die quickly after it was recently revealed he was suffering from Stage 4 lung cancer.

Milwaukee School of Arts teacher, Travis Sarandos, allegedly tweeted, from a then-deactivated Twitter account, his wishes for the ill radio host to die a quick and painful death.

Newsweek reported on the following tweet which was allegedly sent from the then-deactivated account, which has now been reactivated, according to WISN12:

“Rush Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer. it’s [sic] awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully it is as quick as it is painful.”

Many teachers have vocally expressed resentment towards conservatives since Trump’s election.

Alderman of Milwaukee’s 8th District, Bob Donovan, called for Milwaukee’s School District to take action against Sarandos’ tweet.

In a statement, Donovan said: “It would be easy enough to dismiss ill-written, juvenile nonsense like this were it not for his role in teaching our City’s young people.

“He is supposed to be an example of the inclusive, tolerant, and respectful spirit of the Milwaukee Public Schools. He is clearly nothing of the sort.”

Donovan continued: “And he did not make his remarks in private. He made them on one of the most public of platforms where any of his students could easily have seen them. Mr Sarandos’ remarks deserve discipline. In the meanwhile, he has no business in an MPS system classroom.”

Following the tweet, Sarandos has been placed on leave and is under investigation by the Milwaukee School District, according to Newsweek.

In a statement to WISN 12, MPS spokesperson, Shahree Douglas, said:

“We are aware of Mr. Sarandos’ actions and can confirm that he was not speaking on behalf of any students or staff of Milwaukee High School of the Arts or Milwaukee Public Schools.”

“The district is following policy and procedures related to personnel matters.”

In December last year, a Tennessee teacher was placed under investigation for wishing that a Trump supporter who was beaten up in an unprovoked attack was shot.

Limbaugh was awarded the Medal of Freedom during this week’s State of the Union address.