Ted Cruz Defends McSally’s Honor, Enters The Ring In CNN Fight


Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz entered the war of words between his colleague Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona and the team at CNN, the virulently anti-President Trump Atlanta-based cable network.

McSally scored MAGA points by referring to CNN hallway reporter Manu Raju as a “liberal hack” live on air and brushed Raju off, refusing to speak to him about the impeachment trial in the Senate, which Sen. Rand Paul says is unlikely to generate any Republican votes to remove Trump. For Trump supporters tired of seeing Republicans capitulate to the mainstream media mob, McSally’s moment of candor seemed refreshing.

The mainstream media rushed to defend Raju, with CNN’s Chris Cuomo straining to vilify McSally, who is running to defend her seat in November’s special election in Arizona.

Ted Cruz was not having it. Stepping off the sidelines, Cruz entered the fray and denounced Cuomo and Raju’s pro-Democrat, anti-Republican narrative spinning, which does not register with the average person as ethical or responsible journalism. Said Cruz:

McSally appeared unfazed by liberal media attacks during her appearance on Fox News Thursday night with Laura Ingraham: