Teen Vogue’s Black Editor in Chief Forced To Resign After Old Tweets Criticizing Asians Resurface


Alexi McCammond, the newly hired and already fired editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, a publication that teaches teenage women about the joys of promiscuous lifestyles and anal sex, was forced to resign after “racist” tweets she wrote in 2011 resurfaced. McCammond, a woman of color, made allegedly racist statements against Asians in the decade old tweets.

In one 2011 tweet, McCammond wrote, “Outdone by Asian. #Whatsnew.” In another, she wrote, “Now Googling how to not wake up with swollen, Asian eyes…” In a third, McCammond mused, “Give me a 2/10 on my chem problem, cross out all of my work and don’t explain what I did wrong… thanks a lot stupid Asian TA [teaching assistant]. You’re great.”

Despite the tweets being a decade old, and despite McCammond herself being a black woman, this warranted a media frenzy that ultimately resulted in her early departure from Teen Vogue, despite a public apology from McCammond.

“I should not have tweeted what I did and I have taken full responsibility for that,” wrote McCammond. “I wish the talented team at Teen Vogue the absolute best moving forward. Their work has never been more important, and I will be rooting for them.”

According to The Guardian, Teen Vogue’s publisher, Conde Nast, acknowledged McCammond’s departure in an internal email:

“After speaking with Alexi this morning, we agreed that it was best to part ways, so as to not overshadow the important work happening at Teen Vogue,” a company spokesperson wrote in an internal email seen by the Guardian.

“It’s fair to say that Alexi McCammond’s appointment with Teen Vogue brought many difficult and important conversations to the forefront over the last few weeks.

“Our most important work as a company right now is embodied in the focused efforts we are all undertaking to become more equitable and inclusive. Our commitment to these issues is sincere and unwavering,” it added.

Writers at The Hill opined that McCammond’s unceremonious departure is an example of “cancel culture” that should be opposed, noting that the media storm against her is “All because she wrote some tweets that were racially insensitive and stupid. As a teenager. While a freshman in college. ”

The publication added, “But here’s the most amazing part: The tweets in question were broached by McCammond proactively when interviewing for the Teen Vogue job. The powers that be told her they wouldn’t be an issue.”