‘Terror Threat’ Charges for Walmart ‘Coronavirus’ Licker


A man who filmed himself in a Snapchat video titled “I’m a nasty motherf*****” has earned more than he bargained for as charged with a terrorist threat.

According to River Front Times, the Missouri man has been identified as 26-year-old Cody Pfister, who proclaimed “Who’s afraid of the coronavirus?” in his clout-chasing video reportedly filmed on March 11.

Earlier this week, he was brought into custody; Pfister, from Warrenton, has been charged with making a terrorist threat, which, in his case, is a low level felony.

The local department was reportedly flooded with messages from people as far as Europe in relation to the stunt.

In a statement, local police said: “We take these complaints very seriously and would like to thank all of those who reported the video so the issue could be addressed.”

National File reported on this sickening viral video a few days ago:

This time a self-described “nasty moths [sic] f*****” films himself on a Snapchat video licking an entire row of hygiene products at an unnamed supermarket.

The horrifying video was introduced in a tweet captioned, “The #CoronaVirusChallenge has evolved. Now these absolute fools are targeting grocery stores. 5-6 years in prison should be enough to make other wannabe internet-celebrities think twice before endangering the health of the rest of us,” rekindling a discussion where tampering with supermarket products should be dealt with heavy punishments.

Social media users responded with fury at the stomach-churning actions of the young man, who has now found himself in hot water over the unsettling performance.

Several videos have circulated social media showing clout-thirsty internet wannabes licking inanimate objects as part of the ‘Coronavirus Challenge.’

People have filmed themselves even licking toilets to up their follower counts across social media platforms, much to the disarray of horrified viewers.