Texas AG Paxton Calls For Prosecution Against ‘Grotesque’ Drag Performers To Protect Texas Kids


The Texas Attorney General has called on drag artists involved in a recent “child friendly drag show” to face prosecution after hypersexual video of the event went viral.

Texas AG Ken Paxton made the comments urging prosecution against those involved in a drag event in Plano, TX, a northern Dallas suburb. One drag performer was seen acting in an excessively sexual and explicit manner in front of children.

“This is grotesque, disturbing behavior. Under Texas law, local district and county attorneys are charged with taking up the mantle to protect Texas kids by prosecuting these types of totally inappropriate acts,” Paxton said of the disturbing footage.

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“What’s more, in 2023, the Texas Legislature should amend the Texas Penal Code to expressly prohibit this kind of grossly sexual conduct and empower my Office to prosecute when district and county attorneys refuse,” Paxton added.

The Blaze’s Sara Gonzales first reported on the drag show.

One drag performer is seen imitating a sexual act while singing along with a song saying, “my p*ssy good, p*ssy sweet, p*ssy good enough to eat,” and “f*ck me all night” as a young girl watches.

Adult bystanders are seen laughing and cheering on as the cross-dressed performer continues dancing provocatively.

Other performers donned prosthetic breasts, whips, and attendees were gifted sex toys, according to Gonzalez.

The event venue, Ebb & Flow’s Drag Brunch, pledged to host similar events monthly.

The venue defended its October 15th event, telling one Dallas news outlet it was “very tasteful.”

This is not the first time North Texas has sparked headlines for controversial drag events where children were in the audience. As National File previously reported, “footage from a North Texas restaurant’s kid-friendly drag shows children celebrating with the crossdressers while armed Antifa members surround the event venue.”

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Stay tuned to National File for any updates.

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