Texas Attorney General Demands Protection For James Younger, Judge Reverses Jury Findings


The Texas Attorney General’s office sent a letter to the Commissioner of the Department of Family and Protective Services, Trevor Woodruff demanding that Woodruff’s department protect James Younger and other children facing forced medical castration in Texas Family Court cases in a letter yesterday.

“On Monday a Texas jury ruled against a father who is trying to stop his ex-wife from forcing their seven-year-old son to transition to a girl,” Paxton’s office wrote on Thursday.

“We are especially concerned that the department has yet to intervene in this matter where a mother is using alleged medical professionals to fundamentally alter her son’s physiology, when earlier this year the Department did not flinch and grabbed another North Texas child from his family because it was alleged that the mother was engaged in similar practices,” he said.

You can read the full letter here.

The Texas custody case between Dr. Anne Georgulas and Jeff Younger, involving the forced and contested medical castration of James, has ignited a swell of support for the two Youngers.

The letter was delivered at the same time the Judge, Kim Cooks, reversed the jury’s Monday findings in favor of the mother.  Cook on Thursday ruled and restored custody to both parents.

Cooks denied media access to all but an invited YouTube vlogger Coffee and Politics 101,  Dallas Morning News, The Associated Press, CBS 11 and the Daily Mail photographer, according to a court reporter.  Cooks also placed the parents under a gag order until the children are 18 years old, a period of eleven years.

According to a court witness, Jeff Morgan, who spoke with National File about what he observed on Monday and who heard the Jury’s findings, the following happened:

“On Monday the Jury instructions were:

1. Should the joint Conservatorship be replaced with a sole Conservatorship

2. If yes is the answer to question 1, should Jeff be the sole conservator

The Jury found, 1) Yes  2) No,”  he wrote.

Thus giving sole custody to the Mother.

Thursday the Judge ruled that Georgulas and Younger would have shared decision making on James’s health care decisions.