Texas Ballot Puts Trump’s Name LAST On List of Republican Primary Candidates


President Donald Trump’s name appears dead last on a list of seven Republican presidential options on the Smith County, Texas primary ballot.

Check out this sample ballot, aka “Boleta De Muestra” from Smith County (HERE IT IS ON THE OFFICIAL COUNTY WEBSITE).

NATIONAL FILE has been told that voters were shocked to find Trump’s name below Joe Walsh, who already dropped out of the race, libertarian Bill Weld, a pro-transhumanist technology candidate named Zoltan G. Istvan, and Mexican-American perpetual also-ran Rocky De La Fuente Guerra. The list is not in alphabetical order.

“I was trying to find out who the hell all those people were. The only name I remember hearing mentioned at all was Walsh & I had forgotten about him when I went to vote,” voter and Trump supporter Mary Bonfanti told NATIONAL FILE.

“We have computer screens and a paper ballot that we feed into it. We touch the screen for our selection and then it prints it all out on our ballot. We then take and put it in the ballot box. On my computer screen, Trumps name was at the very bottom. All the other names were above his. I think undecided was the other “candidate” I saw. I was just so shocked that there were so many other names and that his was down at the bottom. The people I spoke to so far today were surprised as well,” Bonfanti said.