Texas Media, ERCOT Prepare To Blame COVID 19 For Crippling Winter Blackouts


Scott Friedman of NBC DFW has announced that ERCOT is using COVID-19 as its excuse for not winterizing the Texas power grid in time for the winter weather disaster that saw millions of Texans without power.

“NBC5 Investigates has learned ERCOT inspections designed to ensure power plants are winterized did not happen as usual this year,” wrote Friedman. “Due to COVID they were virtual tabletop exercises, not in-person inspections. ERCOT says it’s too early to say if that played a role.”

Many see the blackouts in Texas as a blessing in disguise for both Texas Democrats and establishment Republicans, as it has provided a distraction from their failing policies and an opportunity to score political points.

Even Democrats from outside of Texas are benefiting, as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has raised over $4 million in donations for Texas recovery. She has also blamed the lack of acceptance of a Green-New-Deal for the blackouts in Texas:

Establishment Republicans have also used this tragedy to virtue signal for support. Current Revolt reports that establishment Republican, Jeff Leach of Texas, has made very odd and somewhat crazy threat towards energy companies:

Normally this would be impressive except that Jeff Leach ran a campaign on being a “dog dad” and has been a documented failure in office:

Meanwhile, National File recently reported that Texas Republicans have been ignoring the need to secure the electric grid since at least 2015. National File reported:

You can clearly see the insanely unstable wind power fell to basically zero right when when Texans needed it and the wind was very much still blowing.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has kept Texas masked up and locked down, is now decrying the mismanagement of entities under his government’s control as “unacceptable.”