The Capitol Attack Suspect Praised Louis Farrakhan, Just Like Many Prominent Democrats


Noah Green, the black Muslim radical behind Friday’s attack on the Capitol, was a member of the Nation of Islam, led by Louis Farrakhan, who many prominent Democrats have praised.

As National File reported, the now-deceased 25-year-old Green was identified as the suspect behind the car ramming and knife attack on Capitol Police which left one dead on Friday afternoon:

Green is a black male who has reportedly made inflammatory posts about politics and religion on Facebook… One post on the Facebook profile reportedly contains an excerpt from nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad titled “Lull before the Storm”… Another post from Green talks about the “end times” and “facing death.”

On the Facebook page, which has now been removed, Green describes himself as a “follower of Farrakhan.” Louis Farrakhan is the current leader of the Nation of Islam, the radical black nationalist Islamic group. The Capitol attacker is not the only person who admires Farrakhan of course – many prominent Democrats have also praised the notorious anti-white racist in the past.

In 2013, Raphael Warnock, the recently elected Democrat Senator for Georgia, said that the Nation of Islam has been an “important voice” in developing black theology. “It was the black Muslims who challenged black preachers and said ‘you’re promulgating the white man’s religion. That’s a slave religion,’” Warnock said.

While in Congress, Keith Ellison, the current Minnesota Attorney General, attended multiple meetings with Farrakhan. Ellison had admitted to the Washington Post in 2006 that he had previously worked for the Nation of Islam for 18 months before Farrakhan’s 1995 “Million Man March,” but claimed that he had cut ties with Farrakhan and the group.

Danny Davis, the current Representative for Illinois’s 7th District, confirmed to the Daily Caller in 2018 that he has a “personal relationship” with Farrakhan. Davis, one of the 5 members of the Democratic Socialists of America currently sitting in Congress, said that Farrakhan, who has said that white people “deserve to die,” is an “outstanding human being” who is simply being misquoted and misrepresented by the media.

In 2002, California Democrat Maxine Waters attended a Nation of Islam conference, where Farrakhan defended Islamic suicide bombers, and praised Waters during his speech, with the audience members applauding.

President Obama, then a Senator from Illinois, was pictured with Farrakhan at a meeting held by the Congressional Black Caucus in 2005, but the photo, taken by a Nation of Islam photographer, was suppressed at the request of the Democrats, who wanted to ensure that Obama had a future shot at the presidency.

Despite the Capitol attacker’s praise for Farrakhan, the idea that the attack that left one Capitol Police officer dead and one injured on Easter Friday, one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar, could be terrorism related, was dismissed by Robert Contee of DC Metro Police during a press conference.

Contee said that the attack “does not appear to be terrorism related,” but admitted that they would have to continue to investigate, and that they “just don’t know right now.” It is unclear why Contee seemingly dismissed the possibility before the identity of the suspect was revealed.