Thieves Casually Rob California Walgreens During Mandatory Quarantine


During a time of uncertainty for Americans, thieves continue to steal goods that they will most likely end up re-selling.

While the state of California has shut down leaving hard working Americans temporarily jobless without an income, criminals continue to steal from the few business that remain open knowing they will suffer no consequences.

For years, criminals have been taking advantage of California’s Proposition 47, which downgraded multiple crimes such as shoplifting, grand theft, receiving stolen property, forgery, and fraud.

As long as the value of the goods is under $950, then there is no felony. Thieves may do this every day and suffer limited consequences and if they are apprehended, law enforcement is not allowed to take DNA samples.

If apprehended, the most the criminal would face would be a few days in a jail, then released back out to the public where they will most likely continue to commit crimes knowing they have a get out of jail card with no expiration date.

With these laws in place, it is uncertain how long businesses will survive in California when they lose thousands of dollars every month due to the fact that their products are snatched off their shelves on a daily basis.