Thornberry Refuses to Denounce Pro-Abortion Donation by Top Staffer Turned Wife of Lobbyist Would-Be Successor Winegarner


Texas Representative Mac Thornberry (R-13), who will step down at the end of his current term, has refused to denounce a 2010 campaign contribution made by his then-top staffer to a radically pro-abortion, ex-Democrat Senator.

The staffer, Jenni Winegarner, is the wife of Josh Winegarner, a lobbyist turned Congressional candidate who Thornberry has endorsed to fill his seat in a June 14th primary run-off against President Trump’s former physician, Ronny Jackson.

When reached for comment by National File, the office of Representative Thornberry stated the Congressman has no intention of denouncing or distancing himself from his former Political Director, Jenni Winegarner, or her support of and donations to former Arkansas Senator-turned big pharma lobbyist Blanche Lincoln, a Democrat who voted in favor of Obamacare, as well as pro-abortion, and anti-2nd Amendment legislation during her tenure in Washington.

As previously reported by National File’s Tom Pappert:

“The wife of former lobbyist Josh Winegarner, a Republican who is running for the United States House of Representatives in Texas’s 13th District, donated to the campaign of former Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln, an Obama-era Democrat who now runs a lobbying firm that offers services to pharmaceutical companies who are ‘impacted’ by the Trump administration’s attempts to ‘address drug pricing and surprise medical bills.’ […] According to FEC documents, Jennie Winegarner donated to the Lincoln campaign in the 2010 midterm election, on July 20, 2010, after Blanche had already secured victory in the primary. At the time, Jenni worked as a Political Director for Texas Republican Rep. Mac Thornberry.”

Former Republican candidate in Texas’s 13th District, Chris Ekstrom, had the following to say about team Winegarner:

“One of the most crooked and unethical practices is the husband/wife team in politics. This fake Josh is married to Representative Thornberry’s former Political Director, Jennie Winegarner. While in that position she donated to the Arkansas Abortion Queen: U.S. Senator Blacne Lincoln! The FEC doesn’t lie or shade the truth like RINO Josh. It’s outrageous and truly vile.

Josh is desperately lying about Admiral Jackson influencing me to reveal the TRUTH about these two fakes! If I knew in November ’19 I would have felt honor-bound to tell the voters…No voter can trust the Winegarner’s on life issues, ever.”