THROWBACK: Boris Johnson Says, ‘Sharia Law in The UK is Absolutely Unacceptable’


The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, slamming Church of England clerics for their suggestion to integrate Islamic legal code into UK law.

Last year, a divorce under Sharia Law was recognized as dozens of non-legally-binding Sharia courts have sprouted across the UK.

At the time of his being London Mayor, Johnson, speaking with radio talk show LBC was vigorously opposed to “a Sharia system running in parallel with UK justice,” according to The Express.

Johnson had made the comments after former Prime Minister, Teresa May, had promised to tackle the emergence of Sharia courts in the UK.

Johnson, who had previously wrote that “Islam is the problem” after the 7/7 Bombings, said: “That is unacceptable to me. Everybody must be equal under the law, and everybody must obey the same law. That is absolutely cast-iron.

“I take grave exception to some of the support I see sometimes – and from clerics in the Church of England who’ve come out in favor of this, I’ve noticed, and said we should be a little bit indulgent of this.

“It’s an interesting fact that we have some clerical fossils still in our legislature. Don’t forget we have bishops sitting by right in our upper house.”

The Church of England has stoked controversy in the past. Last year, an Imam recited the Muslim call to prayer at a Cathedral during an Armistice concert.

According to the Daily Mail, the Imam said: “Allah is the greatest, I bear witness that there is no other God but Allah.”

Another church’s vicar offered to cover up a Crucifix and a painting of Christ to accommodate a Ramadan celebration for Muslim guests.

Johnson, in the past, also referred to Islamophobia as being a “natural reaction” to Islam, and during the LBC interview he also said: “The separation of church and state is not perhaps as thorough-going in this country as you might like to think.

“The point is that the idea of a parallel system of law, a parallel judicature, people making the laws holding to a different system, is absolutely unacceptable, it’s alien to our traditions.

“I won’t have it in London and I’m worried sometimes by the faint bat-squeaks of support that I hear for that idea even from clerics in the Church of England.”

The Johnson Islamo-aversion runs in the family–a few years ago, in an opinion piece, Boris Johnson’s father slammed the Halal method of animal slaughter, calling for the practice to be banned.