THROWBACK: Santa in Gay Interracial Relationship in Kid’s Book


As no stone is left unturned by ‘progress,’ Christmas is a prime target for a woke 21st Century makeover. The nativity story itself is attacked and revised by academics or writers, while the pop cultural elements of Christmas of a more secular nature are also altered to supposedly cater to a more diverse Western society.

Almost every single child living in a Western country would have heard of Santa Clause.

The rotund bearded jolly old man–or his symbolism–brings joy to tens of millions of children every year.

However, being happily married to Mrs Clause isn’t enough to appease the forces of progress.

Santa Clause, in a children’s book reported on by Time Magazine in 2017, doesn’t have a Mrs Clause, but a black Santa with a white gay lover.

The parody children’s book called Santa’s Husband, written by Danyul Kibblesmith, was released in October of 2017.

The author jokes: ‘Me and [my wife] decided our future child will only know about Black Santa. If they see a white one we’ll say “That’s his husband.”‘

According to Cosmo: “Harper Design has said that it is meant to appeal to children and adults alike.’”

This Christmas has gone off to a flyer.

Walmart was pressured into pulling an ‘ugly’ sweater range from their Canadian website which featured Santa doing cocaine and engaging in raunchy sexy acts. While the product range went viral, most commenters took the marketing misstep in good spirit.

A mother was recently publicly shamed on social media after using the term ‘Father Christmas’ to refer to Santa Clause.

Her critics said that the gendered term could potentially offend people and that a gender neutral term was preferable.