Top 10 Strangest Videos of Nurses Dancing During COVID-19 Pandemic, So Far


In recent days a bizarre trend of nurses dancing, sometimes in full personal protective equipment, then uploading videos to the Chinese social media app TikTok, has taken the Internet by storm.

As coronavirus reportedly transforms hospitals around the United States and the world into warzones, where nurses and doctors are forced to triage treatment due to lack of available resources, personnel, and supplies, some nurses and doctors have taken to TikTok to show off their dance moves.

Below is a selection of the most cringeworthy, strange, or outright weird examples of such videos National File could find, listed in no particular order.

#1. Fat Bottomed Girls

This video is particularly confusing: How did the nurses have time to fill the balloons? Why are they so good at twerking? Is this supposed to inspire confidence? Where are the patients? Why aren’t they dancing to Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen? Would Freddie Mercury approve?

All questions that will never be answered.

#2. Stay At Home Or They Might Dance Again

A particularly uninspired group of nurses began dancing in the United Kingdom, with some looking completely uninterested in the effort. About halfway through the video they grab signs that read “Stay @ Home Please.”

It is recommended that all Brits stay home, lest they dance again.

#3. Synchronized Hand Signals In Full PPE

Not one of these medical professionals seem particularly enthused about this video, at least as far as I can tell, because all of them are in full PPE. Yes, the same supply of PPE that is quickly being exhausted on a global scale, supposedly.

#4. Alcohol & Drugs Pt. 1

At least three TikTok videos show nurses dancing to the hit track “Drank & Drugs” by Dutch rappers Lil Kleine and Ronnie Flex.

While it may seem strange to see medical professionals apparently endorsing alcohol and drugs, the coronavirus has truly transformed our world. Or something.

#5. Alcohol & Drugs Pt. 2

Translated into English, some of the lyrics are:

If your b*tch wants to chill it is not a problem, I will go there
I am not alone because I have alcohol and drugs
I have alcohol and drugs
If your b*tch wants to chill it is not a problem, I will go there
I am not alone because I have alcohol and drugs
I have alcohol and drugs

#6. Alcohol & Drugs Pt. 3

More of the lyrics, translated to English:

All teens say yes to MDMA
Your girl is a moth, she had sex with your dad
Not a sheet for my mouth but straight for me
They won’t be there if I’m not doing well

For those not as hip as these nurses, MDMA is slang for ecstasy.

#7. Nurses Just Want The Weeknd

I can kind of understand this one, with the nurses dancing to “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. Now can we get a gaggle of nurses to choreograph “Working For The Weekend” by Loverboy?

#8. Everybody ChaCha Real Smooth

This one is giving me flashbacks to middle school gym class and it’s unsettling.

#9. Weirdest Conga Line EVER

I… I don’t know what else to say.

#10. Squeaky Hand Sanitizer

Finally, the video that prompted this very rare opinion article from National File.

A nurse begins by operating a squeaky hand sanitizer unit. Then the chaos breaks out. What do you call that dance move where you spank the butt of the girl twerking in front of you, anyway?

Also, anyone know where I can get some hand sanitizer? I found a 2 oz bottle of Purell in my cabinet and that’s literally all I’ve got. And Tito’s told me to stop making hand sanitizer with their vodka.