TRAILER: National File to Release ‘Destination Dover’ Documentary on UK Migrant Crisis


National File presents a new documentary focusing on the migrant crisis in the United Kingdom, as the United States grapples with how to respond to its own.

At its narrowest point, there is only 20 miles between Great Britain and France across the English Channel. The journey over the waves is one that many have taken through the years, from the Romans, to the Saxons, to the Normans. Great generals have looked across the waters from the continent to the island nation, but not in a thousand years have any of them managed to conquer the land that lies beyond the sea.

But over the past few years, the port of Dover has become the landing point for a new type of invasion – not one of armies, but of migrants from all across the world, seeking a better life, who make the crossing that neither Napoleon nor Hitler could manage to complete.

Those making the illegal journey are not turned away from these shores. Their crossing is facilitated by the British government, who rescue them from sinking dinghies, and give them shelter once they make it to the land. So-called Conservative politicians, who crow loudly in the press about reducing migration, spend taxpayers money on housing and feeding thousands who break the law, while leaving the native homeless population to starve on the streets.

Late last year, my team and I spent days down on the south coast, documenting the crossings, finding out the story on the ground from locals, and even talking to the migrants themselves about the life they left behind.

“Destination Dover” comes as the United States is facing a similar crisis of its own. National File reported this week on disturbing footage shot from a helicopter by a sitting GOP Senator, which shows multiple groups of illegal migrants streaming across a Texas portion of the U.S.-Mexico border amid a growing national security crisis throughout the southern border region.

Watch the full trailer for National File’s “Destination Dover”. The full documentary will launch in the coming days.