Trans Activist Jessica ‘Wax My Balls’ Yaniv Appears in Court for Weapons Charge


Controversial trans activist, who rose to infamy over attempting to sue several beauty salons over their refusal to wax his male genitalia on the ground that he identified as a woman, is back in court for a weapons charge.

Yaniv is facing two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon violating the Firearms Act, as reported by the Post Millennial.

Yaniv brandished and showed off the functionality of a taser during a debate with popular trans YouTuber, Blaire White, in August this year. Yaniv acknowledged the illegality of the weapon.

Two stun guns, pepper spray, and bear spray were seized from Yaniv’s apartment in August after the unorthodox debate, according to another report from The Post Millennial.

In court, the defendant recognized the two charges, and a court date for January 13 2020 at 2:00 pm was scheduled.

Yaniv alerted the presiding Justice of the Peace about “threats” that had been received.

The court didn’t acknowledge her complaint.

Yaniv faces a maximum sentence of 6 months in prison if found guilty.

Aside from the ‘Wax My Balls’ debacle, Yaniv has been center of much controversy.

Most recently, Yaniv cried discrimination after a gynecologist refused to see Yaniv–for his male genitalia.

In relation to the gynecologist’s refusal, Yaniv claims that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia told her the refusal was discrimination, and, following Yaniv’s unsuccessful bid to sue several beauty salons over their refusal to wax her male genitalia, could look to take further action.

National File reported:

Yaniv, who has been accused by Internet commentator and fellow transgender woman Blaire White of sexually targeting children, posted to Twitter to voice her frustration over being refused service by a gynecologist’s practice.

“So a gynaecologist office that I got referred to literally told me today that ‘we don’t serve transgender patients,’” wrote Yaniv. “Are they allowed to do that, legally? Isn’t that against the college practices?”

Last month, Yaniv supported a swimming event at a publicly accessible pool where minors, accompanied by an adult, were granted free admission–much to social media’s horror and disgust.