Trans Athlete Dropped as Teammates Refuse to Share Shower


Controversial trans athlete, Hannah Mouncey, who boasts an imposing 6’2, 220lb, physique has revealed why she was recently dropped from the Australian handball team–her teammates refuse to share the shower or change with the towering handball player.

Mouncey leaped to fame in recent years, becoming an accomplished athlete in the male version of Aussie Rules Football and handball, before making the transition to women’s sports, representing Australia in the 2018 Asian Women’s Handball Championship.

In an op-ed for the Star Observer, Mouncey wrote: “I can confirm that, yes, I was left out of the team for the World Championships because there was a group of players within the team, supported by the team manager, who did not want me showering or using the change rooms before or after the game.”

However, when news first came of Mouncey’s exclusion, Mouncey claimed that it was out of not being ‘liked.’

In the op-ed, Mouncey writes: ‘I later had it confirmed by someone else within Handball Australia who had done some digging that: “From everything I’ve been told, you’ve basically not been picked because you’re not liked.”’

Mouncey blasted the coach’s decision as ‘ludicrous,’ coming to terms with the fact that she may not get selected again, writing:

“Yes, I would be playing in a World Championship right now if I had given in and accepted the quite frankly ludicrous requests made by the team manager both on his own behalf and those players he represented. Yes, I could stay quiet about this and not speak, so no one knew what happened—and I would probably be much more liked by those in the team as a result. In fact, in doing this, I expect I will absolutely not be welcome back within the national team at all. But really, given what’s just happened, do you really think I would want to be? No. Of course not.”

Despite what happened, Mouncey seems to be in high spirits over the future.

Mouncey, aware of the controversy surrounding the coach’s decision, wrote: “It is incredibly liberating to not care one bit who likes you, what people think of you and who you upset in being true to yourself.”

On Mouncey, National File previously reported:

Trans Athlete, Hannah Mouncey, rose to prominence in several photos showing Mouncey tower over other competitors with an impressive stature–even for a “cis” male.

The AFLW banned Mouncey from competing in their league after an uproar rung out following Mouncey’s photos circulating the internet.

Mouncey also competed in handball, representing Australia both as a male and female.

Billed at 6’2 and 220lb, Mouncey has a clear size advantage over other female athletes.