Trans MMA Fighter ‘Enjoyed’ Fracturing Biological Woman’s Skull, Called it ‘Bliss’


Controversial male-to-female transgender Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fallon Fox ignited a social media firestorm when addressing transphobes, remembering the “bliss” she felt when knocking out two women and breaking one of their skulls.

The tweet, which was found to be in violation of Twitter’s rules, was removed from the site, but several outraged social media users posted screenshots of the tweet to their accounts.

Fox initially tweeted under a Harry Potter related post: “For the record I knocked two [women] out. One woman’s skull was fractured, the other not. And just so you know, I enjoyed it. See, I love smacking up TERFs in the cage who talk transphobic nonsense. It’s bliss! Don’t be mad.”

Many voiced their disgust at Fox’s words. Some brought up the recent J.K. Rowling controversy over the Harry Potter author’s less than progressive views on biological sex and transgenderism.

Fox was also named the “Bravest Athlete in History” by an LGBT sports magazine.

Via National File:

Fallon Fox, who rose to prominence in 2013-14, is an infamous transgender MMA fighter who demolished her opponent Erika Newsome in a Coral Gables, FL, MMA fight.

Fox, according to The Verge, “secured a grip on Newsome’s head… With her hands gripping the back of Newsome’s skull, she delivered a massive knee, bringing her leg up while pulling her opponent’s head down. The blow landed on Newsome’s chin and dropped her, unconscious, face-first on the mat.”

Fox also defeated Tamikka Brents, giving her a concussion and breaking 7 orbital bones, reported Sott.

In spite of an innate biological advantage over her opponent, Out Sports–a sports subdivision of Out magazine–claimed that “Fallon Fox is still the bravest athlete in history,” in a recent headline on the controversial athlete.

Out Sports explains, “Fox stood strong and continued to push for, and earn, her right to compete.”

Fox’s tweet came at a time where Rowling was under fire for her views, with several tweeters referring to the Scottish lifelong progressive as a “Nazi” for her ideological departure.