Trevor Loudon Says Trump Wins If Voters Informed on Democrat Socialism, Communism


Americans need to be more polarized, not less polarized before the 2020 election cycle, because the left are hardcore Marxists and Communists, says the purveyor of Key Wiki, a website dedicated to tracking the behavior and organizing efforts of covert political movements worldwide.

The 2020 election could very well be a watershed election according to Trevor Loudon, who spoke with National File exclusively in a recent interview.

“If any of these people [Democrat Presidential candidates]  are elected in 2020, kiss goodbye, say goodbye to a free America and a free world. If the voters understand that ALL of the leading Democratic contenders are socialist (or worse) President Trump wins re-election,” Loudon wrote.

“President Trump won on social conservative issues, that even Bernie supporters agreed with him on, like marriage, abortion illegal immigration, and religious liberty,” Loudon told National File.

“The concern is the progressive left’s ability to organize voter turn out from infiltrating the right, or from intimidating groups of people such as Black voters, with scare tactics based on things that are not true,” he said.

“Most voters want to know what a politician is going to do for them and their family. The left is better at painting a picture that they will protect people, even though their policies show they are worse at actually protecting people,” he said.

Loudon said that while the left uses scare tactics and lie to signal they will do what voters want, the right does a far better job of delivering what people actually want.

“Democrats are great at deceiving people, but they can’t give people what they want. The Democrats can’t transform their party to give people what they actually want, because if they could, they would have already,” Loudon said.

“The candidates on the left are unified behind Maoist teachings and we see that with the Rainbow Coalition,  run by radical Jesse Jackson.  They push Identify politics and is like the Black Panther movement of the past,” he said.

Loudon has been speaking out boldly about the ideologies of Democrat Presidential candidates.

Loudon, in his work, exposes the dangers of Socialism and Communist influences in American politics, especially in the Democrat party, and he says it is especially important to understand these issues ahead of the 2020 elections.

“Liberalism is stage 1 cancer. Progressivism is Stage 2 cancer.  Socialism is Stage 3 cancer and Communism is Stage 4 cancer.  Socialism is just a milestone on the road to Communism,” Loudon told National File.

The Democrat Socialists are even further left with their “Red Deal” than they were with their “Green Deal”, Loudon wrote for Epoch Times.

Loudon is the founder of  Keywiki, the world’s largest public database of subversive politicians, activists, communists, agitators and out and out traitors in the United States.

According to his Bio for Epoch Times, Loudon is best known for his book Enemies Within: communists, socialists and progressives in the US Congress and his similarly-themed documentary film Enemies Within.

“We call the left progressives and liberals, and they call us Tyrants, Racists and Nazis.  We need to start calling them what they are, Marxists and Communists,” Loudon told National File.  “Republicans need to stand up for their values because this is going to be an election of enthusiasm,” Loudon said.