Trump Admin Official Sets Up OnlyFans Account, Compares Herself To Melania Trump


Trump administration official Britani Rose Housey has set up an OnlyFans account featuring pornographic imagery of herself.

The news was first reported by Red Eagle Politics, a YouTube channel that provides right-wing populist political analysis. According to Red Eagle Politics, Housey is “one of Jared [Kushner]’s disastrous hires for the Trump Admin.”

National File was unable to confirm that Jared Kushner was involved in her hiring. Housey was previously a vocal MAGA commentator on social media, and also appeared as a guest on Elijah Schaffer’s Slightly Offensive show on Blaze TV.

The OnlyFans account reportedly features nude images of Housey, as well as images of her penetrating her vagina and anus with various toys. She also offers “dick ratings” where she will “rate your cock for a good tip”, as well as “sexting sessions”.

On her Instagram story, Rose did a Q&A on her announcement, explaining her rationale.

Asked why she would “stoop” to OnlyFans, she replied that she had long wanted to get on the explicit platform.

“I wanted to make one, yes even when I was doing politics, it’s as simple as that,” she said. “Nudity has never bothered me.”

She noted that her social followers should not have been surprised she took the next step into pornography, given her previous provocative imagery of herself on Instagram. “I posted a pic of myself in a see through ‘Blue Lives Matter’ t-shirt for Christ sake,” she said. “Where have you been?”

Despite her new pornographic career, she remains open to returning to politics “in the future”. “I did it for five years and I loved every second of it,” she said. “I mean it gave me an opportunity of working for Trump’s admin, something people would dream of, but I think the party itself has a lot to work on.”

She then advocated for the conservative movement to become more open to sexually open women. “I can’t even count how many times I along with other females were called a slut or a whore or being told I was going to hell because I posed in a MAGA swimsuit,” she added. “It’s not cute and kind of pushes people away.”

She then bizarrely said that her pornography does not conflict with her Catholic religious beliefs, claiming that the Bible’s teachings were irrelevant to her faith.

“Everyone sins, you’re sinning by judging … I love God, he loves me, and I try my best to be a good person each day. I don’t need to follow the writings in the Bible to know I’m doing a good job with myself or my life,” she stated. “I think God will forgive me showing my titties when there’s hundreds of rapists, molesters or murderers out there he has to deal with.”

“I am comfortable in my sexuality and showing it off,” she added. “It bothers some while others love it.” She also discussed her own lusts, apparently suggesting that it is natural and healthy for the mind to view pornography.

“As a woman I have no shame in admitting that men I’ve found attractive I’ve thought about them naked or had these ‘unclean thoughts’,” she wrote. “I put that in quotes because wtf is an unclean thought? Lol you mean natural human sexual thoughts? Thoughts about fucking? Lol *gasps*”.

She also compared herself to First Lady Melania Trump, after a critic described Housey as an “embarrassment” to the President and the Republican Party.

“Our prior First lady Melania posed nude for majority of her modeling career (full on nudes too) and also gave an interview (circa 2016) stating how she’ll never be embarrassed for showing her body as she’s proud of it and thinks a woman’s body is beautiful,” she said. “So are you calling our prior First Lady an embarrassment to the GOP and to her husband?”

Although it is true that Melania Trump did one nude shoot and one shoot where she is partially topless, this was decades prior to her political involvement. In addition, none of her modeling shoots involved her performing pornographic sex acts on herself, as Housey as done.

Housey is not the only MAGA activist who has sought to reconcile her political beliefs with her OnlyFans career.

In November, paleoconservative commentator Nick Fuentes took a photo with a female pro-Trump activist who introduced herself as a fan of his at a Georgia ‘Stop The Steal’ rally. The woman later turned out to be Georgia State University student Rachel Hejduk, also known as ‘RachThePineapple’, who goes even further than Housey by posting content of her having sex with men on her OnlyFans.

Some say this situation leaves the U.S. pro-Trump conservative movement at a crossroads. American conservatives now have to choose whether to embrace their new influencers within their movement, or to send a clear message that conservatism is about preserving traditional family values.