Trump Attorney Turned Virginia Legislature Candidate Wren Williams Blasts Opponent For Claiming No Fraud in 2020 Election


Former Trump Attorney Wren Williams, who served as a Deputy Legal Counsel fighting 2020 election fraud before launching a bid for the Virginia House of Delegates, is blasting his primary race opponent, establishment-aligned Republican Charles Poindexter, over his claims that there is “no evidence” the very fraud Williams fought in court ever took place.

During a recent interview with the newspaper The Enterprise, Poindexter, an incumbent, denied the 2020 election had been marred by historic levels of fraud, flying directly in the face of Williams’ work with Team Trump in Wisconsin, where the attorney personally handled over 200,000 of the fraudulent ballots Poindexter says never existed.

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“I haven’t seen any documented evidence of what you may call fraud or something like that,” Poindexter told The Enterprise. “The issue is there is a public perception that there could have been or that there was [election fraud],” he went on to say, seeming to completely disregard the findings of investigators and even documented incidents of serious 2020 election fraud and irregularities in his own state.

In a statement made following Poindexter’s remarks, Williams blasted the claims of a fair and square election, likening Poindexter to members of Democrat leadership and vowing to stand with President Trump. “My opponent is openly and wrongly saying that no fraud occurred in the 2020 election and this puts him in league with the likes of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Terry McAuliffe, whose positions Charles has now adopted,” Williams said in a statement blasting Poindexter’s claims.

“As President Donald J. Trump’s Deputy Legal Counsel in Wisconsin, I can say that there was absolutely voter fraud in the 2020 election. I personally handled over 220,000 fraudulent and illegal ballots and Mr. Poindexter is at odds with the facts. I stood with President Trump then and I will now. It’s unfortunate that my opponent won’t.”

Despite Poindexter’s claim that he’s seen “no evidence” of 2020 fraud, state legislators in contested states have decided they’ve seen enough to launch official audits and investigations, with Arizona officials finding “significant discrepancies” in that state’s vote count and, according to officials on the ground, the discrepancies are so severe that it is “likely Joe Biden did not win” the 2020 election.

In recent weeks, the legislature of Wisconsin – where Williams served as President Trump’s Deputy Legal Counsel – launched an official audit of their own, a move which Democrats and many establishment Republicans have vigorously opposed in a state Biden is said to have won by just 20,000 votes amidst a litany of irregularities and suspected outright fraud.

As previously reported by National File, Poindexter has found support from all sides of the uni-party political establishment in the 9th House District, which he represents, leaving voters speculating that he is seeking support from outside the Republican Party in an effort to hold onto his seat. The 9th District’s Republican Primary Election will be held June 9th, with the winner facing Democrat Bridgette Craighead, a Black Lives Matter organizer.