Trump Campaign Trolls 4th-Place Biden With Video Of All The Times He Said He’d Win Iowa


The Trump campaign rubbed salt into the wounds of presidential candidate Joe Biden with a video compilation posted Tuesday evening of all the times Biden declared he would win Iowa.

Biden currently sit at fourth place in the Iowa caucus delegate count, well behind front runners Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders.

Speculation that Biden could slip to fifth place behind literal-who Amy Klobuchar mounts as the former Vice President continues to post dismal popular vote ad delegate numbers.

The Trump campaign released a statement Tuesday that read, “Joe Biden repeatedly said he would win Iowa. In reality, he may slip to fifth place and lose to [Sen.] Amy Klobuchar.”

Trump campaign account Trump War Room tweeted, “WATCH: Joe Biden repeatedly said he would win Iowa. Now we know he likely finished far behind, in fourth place.”

The tweet was accompanied by a video compilation of all the times Biden said he would win the Iowa caucus.

The video features Biden saying, “Oh, I’m planning on winning Iowa. I’m working like hell to win Iowa” and, “I plan on winning Iowa, thank you.”

In one clip, Biden is told, “We’re in Iowa, you have to win here.”

“Well, I think I will win here,” Biden replies.

In light of Biden’s poor performance in Iowa, CNN reports that a top Biden donor called the vote “disappointing:”

“Yeah, this is disappointing,” the donor said. “You sit there wondering how can the totals be this low for a former vice president?”

National File reported today on the latest Iowa caucus results:

The Iowa Democratic Party has released the first 62% of the Caucus results, and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is leading with a 26.9% plurality of the state delegates.

Buttigieg told supporters Tuesday evening that the early results represent “an astonishing victory for this campaign.”

“So, we don’t know all of the numbers, but we know this much,” Buttigieg said. “A campaign that started a year ago with four staff members, no name recognition, no money, just a big idea, a campaign that some said should have no business, even making this attempt has taken its place at the front of this race to replace the current president with a better vision for the future.”

The numbers as they currently stand show Buttgieg with a slim one percent lead over Sanders, who follows at roughly 25%.

While Buttigieg currently has the most state delegates, the Sanders campaign has received the highest share of the popular vote.

The Iowa Democrats’ release of the popular vote numbers for the first and second rounds of the caucus is unprecedented.

The popular vote does not determine who wins Iowa.

Biden paid $1,225 to Shadow, Inc., the company behind the failed app that prevented caucus results from being displayed Monday.