Trump-Hating Republican Liz Cheney Touts Support of Far-Left ‘Yellowstone’ Actor Kevin Costner


Last Updated on August 2, 2022

Trump-hating Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney is touting support from far-left Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner after he was photographed in a t-shirt reading “I’m For Liz Cheney” while filming for his Western-themed TV show. Cheney is deep underwater in her re-election bid for Wyoming’s lone Congressional seat after aligning with Democrats and her fellow uni-party Republicans to impeach President Trump, going on to play a starring role on Nancy Pelosi’s J6 “witch hunt” committee.

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney posted the photo of far-left Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner to her Twitter page yesterday, taking note of his status as a longtime Democrat in saying that “real men put country over party.” Though her own supporters in conservative and patriotic Wyoming have abandoned her for aligning with far-left Democrats in their attacks on 45th President Trump and the America First movement, Cheney has seemingly found a political home among those Democrats, who praise her for turning on her own.

Though Costner’s Yellowstone program is largely viewed by conservatives and other middle-class Whites, Costner has a long history of supporting far-left candidates and causes, being one of Barack Obama’s most mainstream celebrity supporters from way back in 2008. Though he endorsed Pete Buttigieg for President in 2020, he had previously called for Michelle Obama to take on Trump.

Despite Costner and other Democrats’ support of Cheney, recent polling data shows that she is trailing her Trump-endorsed GOP Primary challenger Harriet Hageman by more than 20 points. In Wyoming, one of America’s reddest states, the GOP Primary for the state’s lone at-large Congressional seat is effectively the general election and Cheney is expected to be toast once that vote goes through on August 16th.

In a desperate effort to save her Congressional career and continue to target Trump supporters from Capitol Hill, Cheney is promoting early voting on Twitter, begging those eligible to straggle to the polls between now and Primary Day to support her.

Though she now boasts quite the Democrat fan base, just a few short years ago, Liz Cheney’s father, former Bush Administration Vice President Dick Cheney, was widely considered a top public enemy by many on the left, who frequently called for his execution as a war criminal over the US invasion of Iraq and the multitude of other interventionist military operations he supported over the years. Now, Liz Cheney stands arm in arm with Democrats in calling for increasing American involvement in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.