Trump Supporter Bullied Out of Her DC High School


Jayne Zirkle, a young Trump supporter, has detailed how threats of violence and harassment from other students have made it impossible for her to finish her senior year of high school.

Zirkle is a senior at School Without Walls High School, otherwise known as “Walls,” and was subject to harassment and threats from other students for being an open Trump supporter. Teachers even dropped her grades for her politics. The latter problem is one shared by conservative students across the nation: National File this week reported on a poll of 1000 Republican college students who feared their grades would be affected as a result of speaking their views in class.

Zirkel detailed the harassment at her high school to the Resurgent:

In 2016, I campaigned for Trump, and there’s a picture of me in Trump merchandise when you google my name. When I entered my freshmen year at School Without Walls, students found the picture and started bullying me. The bullying was verbal, online, and affected my relationships with teachers and my grades. Now, as I’m about to start senior year, I posted a YouTube video detailing my story. Students found that and started harassing me all over social media. This led to police reports and me having to leave the school because it was unsafe for me to return. The school has not been dealing with it appropriately and has basically left me without resources to continue with my education. They promised to send an online program to me and never did, and they also have not been communicating about an agreement regarding my safety. The superintendent threatened to mark me truant, as well.

One of the most heinous threats she was received was from one student who threatened to cut off her eyelashes. She told Neil McCabe of One America News what happened when she approached DC public school leaders with 200 pages of evidence of the threats and harassment that she had faced:

When we met with the superintendent we showed him all the harassment that I had received online, we filled him in on the history of harassment at the school. Most of it was reported, especially when teachers were lowering my grades because of my political beliefs… He responded with “oh well this type of thing will blow over in a week or two, and he just wasn’t being very helpful, because obviously there was a very big safety threat, but he just tried to act like it would be fine. While I was in this meeting, there were students at the school who were taking my photo meeting with the principal and posting it on social media saying she’s back in the school… Because there’s glass windows I pointed and said these children are taking my photo and doxing me for being here.

Incredibly, the school told Zirkel that what the other children were saying were “arrestable but not suspendable.” Zirkel explained that “DC is very very lenient on these types of things; it’s almost impossible to suspend a student.”

The principal of Walls High School is one Richard Trogisch. Trogisch is a clear left-winger who decided to jump into action in 2017 and contacted the DC Metropolitan Police Department when swastikas and other “hateful paraphernalia” being painted in the schools bathrooms. Trogisch even brought the extreme left Anti-Defamation League onto the schools board after the swastika incident.Apparently graffiti requires the police, but documented threats and harassment do not, as long as a Trump supporter is the victim.