Trump’s ‘New’ Social Credit Gun Control Scheme Is Controlled by Leftists


HARPA, the potential new federal agency meant to establish the social credit system that was pitched to President Donald Trump, is controlled by leftists, National File can reveal.

The Health Advanced Research Projects Agency, or HARPA, was cooked up by the Suzanne Wright Foundation as the healthcare version of the Pentagon’s research and development agency, DARPA.

Pitched to senior White House Officials in 2017 as way to track previously incurable diseases with technology, it has since gained traction with their new project after the recent mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso.

A proposal published by The Washington Post, details HARPA’s new project, “Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes,” or SAFE HOME for short.

This would develop “breakthrough technologies with high specificity and sensitivity for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric violence” and that “a multi-modality solution, along with real-time data analytics, is needed to achieve such an accurate diagnosis.”

It lists a number of devices, like Google Home, Fitbits, Amazon Echo and Apple Watches, that could be tracked to compile this data profile, which would be used to create a “sensor suite” to predict changes in your mental health.

In other words, the deep state wants to track every American down to their movements and heartbeats in order to check whether they might become a potential mass shooter.

This idea has received widespread criticism througout the media as being a clear invasion of privacy. George David Annas, deputy director of the Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program at SUNY Upstate Medical University, told Gizmodo that the idea was completely “ridiculous”:

The proposed data collection goes beyond absurdity when they mention the desire to collect FitBit data… I am unaware of any study linking walking too much and committing mass murder. As for the other technologies, what are these people expecting? “Alexa, tell me the best way to kill a lot of people really quickly”? Really?

However, what the media is not telling you is who is behind HARPA.

The reports could not avoid mentioning the organisation behind it, the Suzanne Wright Foundation, and its founder, Bob Wright.

Wright is the former Vice Chair of General Electric and the CEO of NBC Universal, and a co-founder of Autism Speaks, which has come under severe scrutiny in autism circles for their attempt to brush over the pathologies of the disease.

As CEO of NBC, it comes as no surprise that Wright has donated to various Democrats over the years, including $2000 to Senator Chuck Schumer.

However, the links to the left and the deep state in HARPA go far deeper than that.

Also on their team is Dick Gephardt, who served as the Democrat House Majority Leader from 1989 to 1995, and their Minority Leader until 2003. He was even pitched as a potential Vice Presidential candidate for Barack Obama for the 2008 election.

Mike Stebbins is listed on the HARPA site as the “Former Assistant Director for Biotechnology at White House OSTP,” but he also worked as a research fellow for Democrat Senator Harry Reid.

Herb Pardes is also on the board of HARPA. Pardes has been labelled “the king of forming psycho-pharma front groups,” and has been accused of exploiting the families of the mentally ill in order to lobby for greater drug funding from Congress.

It is unclear whether the administration is considering the SAFE HOME proposal specifically, but a source close to the discussions said that every time HARPA “has been brought up inside the White House — even up to the presidential level, it’s been very well-received.”