Tucker Carlson Slams FBI Over 1/6 Involvement For Second Night In A Row, Thanks Twitter For Proving His Point


Tucker Carlson slammed the FBI for their involvement in the January 6 incident at the Capitol again on Fox News, adding that the event was seemingly “organized and carried out in secret by people connected to federal law enforcement.”

“Because of January 6, our Attorney General told us this week, we’ve got to change our country forever. And yet given all the talking, the endless talking about January 6, it is remarkable that we still don’t actually know about what actually took place that day,” said Carlson. “Until this Monday night for example when it was reported by Revolver News, we had no idea that at least 20 organizers and participants in the events at the Capitol have not been indicted, despite the nationwide drag net for people who were there.”

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Carlson pointed out that people arrested for crimes inside the Capitol building may have had ties to the US government. “The government knows exactly who these people are, but has refused to charge them with crimes. Why is that? Well, because it seems like they may have some connection to the government,” added Carlson. “Some of the people who broke into the Capitol committed crimes while inside and encouraged others to do the same, appear to have been in contact with the FBI before the event. Let that sink in for a moment.”

Carlson continued, revealing the reason for the government’s refusal to release 14,000 hours surveillance footage of the January 6 event. “Those events apparently were, at least in part, organized and carried out in secret by people connected to federal law enforcement.” He noted, “People they know are on the tape.”

As a result of Carlson’s initial segment regarding the federal government’s involvement on January 6, “Tucker Carlson” began trending on Twitter. Twitter added a note that appeared to be some attempt at a “fact check” of Carlson’s claims, however the Fox News host pointed out that the note merely reinforced what he said in the first place.

“Twitter is saying that people who are secretly working with the FBI cannot be charged for encouraging others to commit crimes. Well, yes! Exactly. That’s the very point we made on this show last night. That’s why they haven’t been charged, because they were secretly working with the FBI,” said Carlson. “So in an effort to shut us down, Twitter just confirmed what we suggested was true. Thanks Twitter!”

“They are morons. It’s pretty funny. Less funny though, is the Justice Department’s role in January 6. Federal law enforcement appear to have played a role in what happened that day. We’d tell you more about it, we’d love to, but we don’t have subpoena power. We’re just a cable news show,” added Carlson.

“Congress does have subpoena power, and let’s hope they use it immediately.”