TV Ratings for Democrat Impeachment Arguments DROP Big


Television ratings for the Democrat arguments in President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial dropped significantly Thursday as it becomes clear Trump has no real cause for concern that he might be removed from office.

Tuesday’s proceedings netted about 11 million average viewers in daytime. Wednesday’s viewership declined to roughly 8.9 million viewers. By Thursday, that audience was down to about 7.8 million live viewers, a 29 percent drop in the Nielsen ratings.

Adam Schiff is the Democrat star in the trial, but his delivery is not particularly entertaining and the drawn-out, rhetorically hollow Democrat presentation lacks urgency and seems insincere, according to this observer.

Sen. Rand Paul has already revealed that no Republican senators are likely to vote against Trump, which robs the trial of any real consequence.

Trump’s lawyers will begin their presentation Saturday, with their case extending into the new week. So far, there is no indication that any witnesses will be called in the trial.