Twitter BANS Clip of Michelle Malkin on Big Tech Censorship After Trump Retweets It


President Trump retweeted a clip of Michelle Malking speaking out on Big Tech censorship. Twitter subsequently removed it.

On Saturday, President Trump retweeted a clip from Michelle Malkin, the America First conservative pundit, criticizing Big Tech censorship. In the clip posted to Twitter, Malkin said that she is “terrified” at her lack of ability to speak freely online:

I’ve witnessed friends and allies stripped of their platforms, their reputations, and their voices. Some can no longer communicate on social media. When I planted my little flag in the social media world, on the internet, almost 20 years ago, I never thought that I’d have to wake up one day and wonder if my entire website was going to be unplugged because of an opinion that I expressed. And yet, there are many of my friends and allies, your compatriots, who not only can no longer communicate on social media, on Twitter, on Facebook, or Instagram, but who also can no longer gather peacefully at hotel conferences to discuss their ideas. Still others are now forbidden from doing business with their banks, their payment processors, online retailers, and even ride-sharing services. There is no more safe space that we can feel that we are guaranteed the right to communicate our ideas with each other, not in restaurants, not at homes.

The President seemed to be in much agreement with Malkin. “The Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google,” President Trump replied, adding that his “Administration is working to remedy this illegal situation. Stay tuned, and send names & events.”

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However, shortly after the President published his reply, the original tweet was banned from Twitter. At the time of writing, President Trump’s tweet has over 31 thousands retweets and almost 80 thousand likes, meaning a wide-reaching audience will no longer be able to view the content.

The original video was posted by America First Clips, a fan account of Nick Fuentes, the conservative host of the America First program. After the original video was removed, the account reposted the video, in defiance of Twitter’s take-down.

This is merely the latest instance of Big Tech’s targeting of conservatives and America First supporters on their platform.

While Twitter allows celebrities to abuse the President, anyone who shoots back at them is permanently banned.

When conservatives criticise leftist pundits, they are punished, but leftists are allowed to spout violence and continue using their platform.

It seems that lambasting Big Tech giants, including Twitter, is yet another thing that conservatives like Malkin are not allowed to do.