Twitter Reacts to Nick Fuentes Ban: Topic Trends in United States, Conservatives Defend Him, RINOs Attack


Nick Fuentes has trended on Twitter following his ban, with many conservative commentators defending him, while others celebrated his permanent suspension.

Fuentes, the host of America First, was permanently banned from Twitter on Friday, following smears from the ADL and SPLC, as National File reported. National File reached out to Twitter to query exactly why Fuentes had been banned. However, Twitter were not open in their response. “The account you referenced (@NickJFuentes) was permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules,” a spokesman said, refusing to specify which rules Fuentes had allegedly broken, and confirmed that they would not discuss anything more regarding his ban at this time.

Covfefe Coffee

The SPLC and its journalists took credit for the censorship of Fuentes from Twitter earlier today with their own tweets that appeared to mock the 22-year-old’s loss of his Twitter account. “Following Fuentes’s ban, the SPLC, whose article was far more focused on Fuentes’s relationship and interactions on Twitter than the ADL’s hit piece, claimed a victory and took credit for his permanent suspension,” National File noted.

Following his suspension, Fuentes trended on Twitter, hitting number 3 in the United States. Reactions to his ban among America First conservatives was unsurprisingly strong, with many noting that Big Tech would not stop with banning him.

More mainstream conservatives, including Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire and Michael Knowles, both unequivocally condemned Twitter’s actions. “The swift and utter unpersoning of Nick Fuentes should worry anyone who in any way contradicts the dominant liberal regime,” Knowles said, while Walsh said that it was a “huge problem” that Twitter banned him due to the demands of the ADL and SPLC.

Others less aligned to Fuentes, including Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance and Newsmax host Steve Cortes, qualified their issues with the America First host, but still condemned his suspension. “Tech companies control what we’re allowed to say in our own country,” Vance said. “It has to stop.”

However, other “conservatives,” in seemingly condemning Twitter’s actions, made sure to viciously insult Fuentes when discussing his ban. Ben Shapiro described him as a “garbage person with garbage beliefs,” while Spencer Klavan labelled him as a “loathsome, execrable toad.”

This sparked some backlash among those more aligned to America First. “At some point, the insults make the ban opposition disingenuous,” said Scott Greer. “How hard is it to just say: ‘it’s wrong to ban Nick Fuentes’?”

Anti-Trump “conservatives” celebrated Fuentes’s removal. David French claimed that Twitter “isn’t stopping him from saying a single thing,” while Brad Polumbo slammed him for being a “vile, hateful troll who foments violence.”

Following his removal, Fuentes announced an event, “America Uncanceled with Nick Fuentes,” on Saturday to compete with CPAC’s own “America Uncanceled” event in Dallas, Texas. The invite called those interested to “attend this historic event taking place within walking distance of CPAC in Dallas” with “venue location to be announced at 4:00 p.m. CST.” Fuentes also plans to live stream the event starting at 4:30 p.m. on his website.